Elite 50 Camp Notes: Part 1

High School
North Carolina

Posted On: 02/18/18 12:49 PM

Team Glenn Guard Christian Battle: If there was an MVP award, he would have gotten my vote without a doubt. Although he was one of the smallest players in attendance, he was outstanding throughout and displayed a game that was very mature. His ball handling skills are excellent as well as his passing skills and court vision, he sees plays before they happen and converted some difficult passes for assist. Last but not least was his shooting ability, he already has deep range on his shot and knocked treys down at a high level.

Team Dixon Guard Alkevion Walker: Has a nice overall feel for the game, the lefty is what we would call a shifty player as he has a knack for keeping defenders off balance and guessing. Surprisingly for a player at such a young age, he has a frame that’s pretty solid which helps him to be able to get where he wants.

Team Dixon Forward Davon Jones: Davon scored the ball at a high level and displayed some nice athletic ability throughout the camp. His height and strength is above level at this point, if he continues to grow and develop he could be a nice Forward/Center prospect in the future.

Team Mayfield Wing Michael Vick: As the day went on he got better and better, he knocked down some outside shots and moved well without the ball. On the defensive end he was solid and took some pride in trying to keep his man from scoring.

Team Dixon Wing Tomir Moore: He is what we would define as a slasher type of player, he gets into the gaps of a defense and finishes through traffic. Defensively he took pride on that end of the floor and came up with a nice amount of deflections and forced turnovers.

Team Williams Forward Mikel Dove: If you need a player that is not concerned with his own stats but just doing anything to help his team win, then this is your guy. He does all the dirty work, hustles for rebounds, blocks shots, has a high motor and just works really hard every time he is on the court.