Posted On: 02/19/18 4:50 PM

In the playoffs, match-ups between opponents best offensive players often decide how the games will end. Before those games begin, coaches are game planning to help their primary offensive players prepare for teams and defenses they have not seen. In many playoff cases it may not be one player that carries a team to victory, it will be two. A dynamic duo, especially one that gets hot, can take a team further than previously thought. Here are five duos from north Louisiana that can lead their teams into deep playoff runs in their classifications.

Le’treveon Jones (5’10” Sr.) & Leon Chambers (6’3″ Sr.) (BTW-Shreveport) – Even if this team ends up being 28th in class 4A, they have the ability to make a deep playoff run.  Teams have tried to account for Jones by going to a full denial-type defense.  This is usually when Chambers take over offensively.  Both players have the ability to shoot from deep and drive to the cup.  In their last game against Benton, Chamber and Jones accounted for 70% of the offense.  If BTW can find the defense that almost allowed them to pull upsets of Woodlawn and Bossier on the road, they definitely have the offensive output from these two to make it happen.


Jacoby Decker (5’7″ Jr.) & Kalaas Roots (6’2″ Jr.) (Bossier High) – The number two team in 4A has plenty of talent to win playoff games.  However, to win the championship, they need their back court duo of Roots and Decker to dominate.  Decker is the 5’7″ sniper who seemingly scores at will from deep.  Roots is the defender who makes the team run.  Early in the season, Kalaas was made to score due to how teams defended Decker and Bossier paid for it.  Now, Roots can take over for stretches offensively and give Decker a blow.  Together, these two put the opposing back court in a conundrum.  If they take away Roots driving and mid-range game, Decker then punishes them from deep or with the bounce.  When a team shadows Decker, Roots goes off.  If Bossier wins another 4A title, it will be by the play of their starting back court.

Christian Tyler (6’2″ Sr.) & Langston Powell (6’4″ Sr.) (West Monroe) – As juniors, this tandem was on a team that went into Ouachita’s “Madhouse on Milhaven” and eked out a quarterfinal win.  This year, as seniors, they are ready to make their own playoff run.  The Rebel offense is at its best when Tyler runs off multiple screens and Powell has the ball at the top of the key.  If the defense commits to prevent Tyler’s clean look, that is when Powell goes to work.  His ability to drive and get to the foul line make him a threat at all times.  With the ball in his hands, he makes good decisions whether to pass or shoot.  When he hits Tyler for an open look, it is usually after Christian has run his defender ragged off of multiple screens.  Even though they will start the playoffs on the road, if these two get it going offensively, they may make another deep run.

Yancey Kelly (5’10” Sr.) & Letreavin Black (6’4″ Sr.) (Southwood High) – Even in a season of turmoil, the Southwood Cowboys are still in position to make a deep run into the 5A playoffs.  The two reasons they are so dangerous are Letreavin Black and Yancey Kelly.  These three year varsity players have a wealth of experience and have seen every situation there is on a high school basketball court.  Black is also a proven playoff performer helping Coach Eddie Hamilton to two quarterfinal appearances at the former Fair Park High.  Kelly and Black create a legitimate inside-outside combo who have yet to have dominant games offensively.  If both players have dominate offensive games, the Cowboys can easily make a quarterfinal run of their own.  If the team plays good defense, these two can carry the offensive end.


Tra’michael Moton (6’0″ Jr.) & Jalen Brooks (6’5″ Sr.) (Woodlawn-Shreveport) – Woodlawn’s duo of Brooks and Moton have truly played Batman and Robin this year on the court.  These two are the primary offensive reason that Woodlawn is the #1 rated team in 4A.  These two play off one another so well.  They seemingly take turns imposing their will on their opponents.  In a recent 30 point drubbing of BTW-Shreveport, Moton killed them early with 18 first half points.  Brooks then finished them off in the second half with 18 points (with 11 in the 4th quarter).  Whether its draw and kick, rebound and put back, or on the fast break, these two have dominated their competition all season offensively.  If they continue their outstanding play, Woodlawn-Shreveport may hoist the 4A championship at the end of the season.