DMV Top 30 Power Rankings: Week 14

High School

Posted On: 02/26/18 5:00 AM

Its that time of the year where nets are being cut down, trophies are being lifted, and banners raised. This week’s top 30 sees changes all across the board, including a new number one and five new teams. Let the debate begin!

The DMV Top 30 Power Rankings, released every Monday during the season, is just an opinion. If you have a have a question or comment for us, send us an email or contact us via Twitter.

1 DEMATHA (MD) 26-5 2 Eleanor Roosevelt, Oak Ridge, Archbishop Wood, St. John’s, O’Connell (x2), Imhotep, Cox Mill, Archbishop Molloy, Carroll (x2), Gonzaga Montverde Academy, Gonzaga, Paul VI (x2) Wins vs. Ireton, vs. O’Connell
2 GONZAGA (DC) 26-5 3 St. Frances, Charlotte Christian, Roman Catholic, Harvard Westlake, Bishop Loughlin, Mater Dei, DeMatha, Sacred Heart, St. John’s (x2), Paul VI Paul VI (x2), St. John’s, DeMatha, O’Connell Loss @ O’Connell, Wins vs. St. John’s, vs. Paul VI
3 PAUL VI (VA) 28-3 1 O’Connell (x2), Wesleyan Christian, Huntington Prep, Holy Spirit, Oak Ridge, St. John’s (x2), Brentwood Academy, Gonzaga (x2), DeMatha (x2), Carroll (x2) Oak Ridge, Findlay Prep, Gonzaga Wins vs. McNamara, Loss vs. Gonzaga
4 ROCK CREEK CHRISTIAN (MD) 19-3 6 Battlefield, Douglass, Sanford, Riverdale Baptist, National Christian (x2), Capitol Christian (x2), Takoma Academy (x2), Fairmont Heights Huntington Prep, Wilson, Olympic Win vs. National Christian
5 MOUNT ST. JOSEPH (MD) 26-5 5 Goretti (x2), St. John’s, AACS, Ranney, Boys’ Latin, McDonogh (x2), Pallotti, John Carroll St. Frances (x2), John Carroll (x2), Wesleyan Christian Win vs. McDonogh, Loss vs. John Carroll
6 BISHOP O’CONNELL (VA) 24-7 7 Georgetown Prep, Crossroads, Mission Bay, Albany Academy, Carroll (x3), DeMatha, St. John’s, Gonzaga Paul VI (x2), DeMatha (x2), Archbishop Stepinac, St. John’s, Gonzaga Wins vs. Gonzaga, vs. Carroll; Loss vs. DeMatha
7 GEORGETOWN PREP (MD) 20-5 8 Westtown, Pallotti, Wilson, Bullis (x2), Episcopal (x2), St. Stephens St. Agnes (x3), St. John’s O’Connell, Gaston Day, Maret, Bullis, St. Albans Win vs. Bullis
8 WOODROW WILSON (DC) 23-9 9 Rock Creek Christian, Goretti, Episcopal, Dunbar, National Christian, Capitol Christian, Takoma Academy, Theodore Roosevelt (x2), Poly Cardinal Hayes, Riverdale, Pallotti, Georgetown Prep, Morgan Park, Bowie Win vs. Theodore Roosevelt
9 ST. MARIA GORETTI (MD) 27-7 10 St. Andrew’s, St. James (x2), John Carroll (x2), Potomac School, SSSAS, Patterson, Boys’ Latin Gonzaga, Pallotti, Wilson, St. Frances (x2), Mt. St. Joe (x2) Wins @ Takoma Academy, vs. Avalon
10 ST. JOHN’S (DC) 20-10 11 Pallotti, Fairmont Heights, John Carroll, O’Connell, Carroll (x2), Gonzaga DeMatha, Mt. St. Joe, IMG, Paul VI, Gonzaga (x2), Georgetown Prep, O’Connell Loss vs. Gonzaga
11 JOHN CARROLL (MD) 28-7 12 Mt. St. Joe (x2), Perry Hall, Boys’ Latin (x3), Pallotti, McDonogh, Pallotti, AACS St. Frances (x2), Goretti (x2), St. John’s, Hudson Catholic, Mt. St. Joe Wins vs. Calvert Hall, vs. MSJ, vs. Boys’ Latin
12 BOYS’ LATIN (MD) 25-7 14 Dulaney, Pallotti (x2), McDonogh (x2), Goretti, AACS, St. Frances John Carroll (x2), AACS, Mt. St. Joe, St. Frances Wins vs. Pallotti, vs. SFA; Loss vs. John Carroll
13 ST. FRANCES (MD) 32-5 4 John Carroll (x2), Goretti, Iona Prep, Mt. St. Joe (x2), Providence Day, AACS, Patterson, Poly, McDonogh, Pallotti Lincoln, Gonzaga, Loyola, Pallotti, Boys’ Latin Win vs. OLMC; Loss vs. Boys’ Latin
14 POLY (MD) 16-6 13 Perry Hall, Riverdale Baptist, Douglass, Patterson, Dunbar (x2) Olympic, St. Frances, Lake Clifton, Simeon, Wilson Win vs. Southwestern
15 PALLOTTI (MD) 23-11 15 Goretti, Riverdale, Bullis, Wilson, AACS, Bladensburg, St. Frances Georgetown Prep, St. John’s, Charlotte Christian, Boys’ Latin, McDonogh, John Carroll, Mt. St. Joe (x2) Loss @ Boys’ Latin
16 CARROLL (DC) 16-12 17 Thurgood Marshall, South Lakes, Ryken (x2), Ireton (x2), McNamara (x2), Friendship Tech St. John’s (x2), Boston Academy, DeMatha (x2), Gonzaga (x2), O’Connell (x3), Paul VI (x2) Loss vs. O’Connell
17 FRIENDSHIP TECH (DC) 25-3 18 Riverdale, Theodore Roosevelt, Maret, Thurgood Marshall (x2), Dunbar (DC), National Christian Takoma Academy, Douglass, Carroll Wins vs. Friendship Collegiate, vs. SEED, vs. Thurgood Marshall
18 BETHESDA CHEVY CHASE (MD) 19-3 19 Paint Branch, Bullis Springbrook, Gaithersburg, Shawnee
19 DOUGLASS (MD) 15-5 24 Theodore Roosevelt, Friendship Tech, Potomac (MD) DuVal, RCCA, Friendly, Fairmont Heights (x2) Win vs. International School
20 POTOMAC (MD) 20-2 25 River Hill, Theodore Roosevelt Douglass, Fairmont Heights
21 OAKDALE (MD) 20-1 26 Flowers, Thomas Johnson Linganore Win vs. Thomas Johnson
22 WICOMICO (MD) 23-0 27 Decatur (x2), Easton No Losses Win vs. Easton
23 ELEANOR ROOSEVELT (MD) 16-5 28 Bishop Loughlin, Bowie, Wise, Flowers, Bladensburg DeMatha, Riverdale, Flowers, Perry Hall, Wise
24 BOWIE (MD) 14-7 29 Gaithersburg, Wise, Wilson, Flowers Fairmont Heights, Bladensburg, Kennedy, Eleanor Roosevelt (x2), Flowers, Wise
25 DUNBAR (MD) 17-3 30 Milford Mill, Old Milll, Dunbar (DC), Patterson Poly (x2), City Win vs. Friendship
26 WISE (MD) 19-4 HM Bowie, Eleanor Roosevelt, Fairmont Heights Riverdale Baptist, Boys and Girls, Eleanor Roosevelt, Bowie Win vs. Fairmont Heights
27 SOUTH COUNTY (VA) 23-3 HM Oakton, Green Run, Stone Bridge, W.T. Woodson (x3), Woodbridge, Robinson, Hayfield Marshall, Patriot, Robinson Wins vs. Annandale, vs. Woodbridge @ Robinson, vs. Hayfield
28 SAINT JAMES (MD) 19-10 NR Maret, Flint Hill (x2), Potomac School (x3) State College, Goretti, Immaculate Conception, Sidwell Friends (x2), Oak Hill, St. Benedict’s, Findlay Prep, Maret, Flint Hill Wins vs. Georgetown Day, Potomac School, Flint Hill
29 ST. STEPHEN’S ST. AGNES (VA) 17-9 NR Christ Chapel, Bullis, Flint Hill Episcopal (x2), Takoma Academy, Goretti, Potomac School, Georgetown Prep (x3), Bullis Win vs. Flint Hill
30 DULANEY 17-5 HM Woodlawn, New Town Boys’ Latin, Perry Hall, Milford Mill, Dundalk, OLMC Win vs. Hereford