Division II AA All-Region Named

High School

Posted On: 02/19/18 2:32 PM

Division II AA All-Region East/Middle named their All-Region Team today.

Unsurprisingly, Darius Garland was named Division 2 AA East/Middle MVP.

Garland’s season was/is incredible.  He is the Region Player of the Year because he single-handedly wins games with his scoring, leadership, quickness, and passing.  Brentwood Academy Head Coach Hubie Smith frequently.

The other Brentwood Academy Eagle named to the All-Region team is Cam Johnson (#12 in 2018 rankings).  The Vandy football signee has limitations that Garland does not have like outside shooting and handles.  Still, Johnson is a better on-ball defender, physically more imposing, and incredible finishing in transition.

A third BA player easily could have made the team (Kam Lyons, Cory Reynolds, Michael Archie).  Anybody watching the Eagles play understands they are markedly better than any other East-Middle team when clicking.

McCallie landed Junior Clay and Jorden Starling.  The Tennessee Tech signee, Clay had a remarkable game against Oak Hill Academy.  His quickness is unmatched in the Chattanooga area.  Starling owns the low blocks.  The two work well together and Clay continuously drives with an eye towards Starling’s location.  Clay likes to throw the ball up to his sidekick Starling, knowing the powerful and agile big can collect it.

Ensworth’s Keshawn Lawrence is the revelation of the high school season.  Lawrence will likely find his way to D1 football, but he could easily become a high-major D1 player.  Lawrence slashes like a college wing now.  He can improve his outside shot and defensive consistency, but the ability to finish against elite bigmen sets him apart from almost all 2020’s in the state.