Dayton D-II First Round: Available Senior Prospects


Posted On: 02/25/18 8:57 AM

Mason Arena hosted six first round games on Saturday, all of which were played by Division II teams in the Dayton Region. Aiken, Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy (CHCA), Summit Country Day, Indian Hill, Hughes, and Wyoming moved on. Wyoming, Goshen, Shroder, Roger Bacon, Batavia, and New Richmond were eliminated.

Enough of that though, we’re here to talk about prospects. Specifically, we’ve got quick hits on the 12 unsigned senior prospects from yesterday’s action. Whether impressive or not, here’s quick evaluations on those dozen performances.

Mason Bernhardt, 6’5” C, CHCA

A low-post type big, Bernhardt spun through and around Goshen defenders all game on his way to 19 points and 11 rebounds. He’s a tough kid who was able to impose his will in a first round game. A possible D-III kid, Bernhardt doesn’t settle for shots outside the paint and is a good passer from the block.

Dominic “DJ” Brewton, 6’5” G, Hughes

Brewton was quiet, yet efficient in a game against Batavia. He attempted just four field goals and scored seven points.

DeMontez Cooper, 5’6” PG, Woodward

Cooper is notably undersized, and it really does have an effect on his game. He’s not a great defender, nor laterally quick enough to defend 94-feet consistently. However, he’s super elusive with the ball in his hands (his shorter legs help him here) and is able to find unique assists via the bounce pass. While his outside jumper wavers, Cooper has developed a nice floater and mid-range game. He’s got a special feel. But again, Cooper is a very unique prospect.

Brandon Doss, 5’9” PG, Shroder

After dropping in the first three points of the game on a pull-up, Doss went totally quiet against Summit Country Day. Those were his only points and he had zero assists versus three turnovers. Doss has had a breakout senior season, but this wasn’t quite the finale you’re looking for.

Terry Durham, 6’4” F, Woodward

New Richmond could’ve had four players trying to box out Durham and he still would’ve made plays near the rim. He had about the easiest 17-point, 6-rebound night imaginable. Even though his effort was surprisingly inconsistent, Durham’s physical presence is a handful.

Bottom line is that Durham has obvious talent. He gets way up for strong rebounds and can finish with the best of ‘em, despite his 6’4” height. Durham can guard multiple spots. However, his jumper remains a question mark.

Shawn Hawkins, 6’5” W/F, Hughes

Hawkins had the best game we’ve seen of his to start the postseason. He led Hughes in points and rebounds with 20 and 6 respectively. The versatile forward was all over the court. He was tracking down steals in the passing lanes and getting out in transition for one-handed dunks. When you combine that level of effort with his physical tools, Hawkins looks like a premier JUCO prospect, especially if you’re looking to play an up-tempo game.

Tony Moore, 6’1” G, Goshen

A complete unknown for us before the day, Moore came out and dropped 15 points before halftime. His shot selection was questionable at times, but the other side of that is that he can shoot it from way deep. Moore has a quick, shot-put like release from his right shoulder and the ball rainbows high in the air. Moore converted on five triples and looks like he could get a shot at a local D-III program. He’s just okay away from the ball and as an overall defender.

Michael Nelson, 6’0” PG, CHCA

With a pretty strong frame, Nelson was able to barrel in the lane during the second to convert a ton of layups. He also used his strength to protect the ball against Goshen. His ability to put pressure on the defense controlled a tight game and was the difference for CHCA.

Dwayne Rosado, 6’1” G, Hughes

Rosado, a 3-point specialist, didn’t shoot the ball too much yesterday. However, he impacted the game on the break and even created a couple opportunities with steals.

Giovanni Santiago, 6’1” PG, Hughes

Although Batavia truly didn’t challenge Hughes at all, Santiago still did all the right things. His defensive communication and activity away from the ball was in full game mode. His activity led to a ton of steals, nine points and nine assists. He missed just one shot, taking only five all game. Yet, he dominated with his defensive aggressiveness and passing in the open court.

Throughout this season alone, Santiago has been offered by Indianapolis, Nova Southeastern, and Tampa.

Colin Shaw, 6’3” G, Indian Hill

Shaw just brings so much toughness from the guard position. He had a double-double against Roger Bacon, scoring 15 points and battling for 11 boards. The emotional senior leader has the ability to transition from aggressive defense to patient offense, one of the many signs of his mental toughness. He’s got a tough mid-range game with a couple nice counter moves. Shaw makes plays with his off-ball movement.

The high-academic recruit was leaning heavily towards Swarthmore College before the season started.

Arian “AJ” Smith, 6’5” W/F, Hughes

In very limited playing time, the combo forward didn’t have a huge impact. However, he runs the floor like a guard and passed the ball well from the elbow.