Cumberland County Public School Top Scorers!

High School
North Carolina

Posted On: 02/4/18 1:36 PM

71st HS Junior Forward Brion McLaurin: Seventy First High is known as a program that produces a nice amount of athletes in football and basketball. Brion has a chance to be next up in line as he is a skilled player with nice height at 6’5 to go along with an IQ that should have college coaches stopping in to see him.

Jack Britt HS Junior Forward Calvin Washington: He ended his recruitment pretty early with a commitment to Mount Olive College prior to the beginning of the season. The folks at Mount Olive should be very excited with what he brings to the table, he can score the ball from mutiple spots on the floor and is a high flyer that can make plays above the rim on both ends of the floor.

Cape Fear HS Senior Guard Kevin McLaughlin: Currently 1st in scoring, he is one that shows you that the height of a player does not matter at all. At 5’8 you would think he may struggle scoring but he has been very successful this season, including 26 points in a recent matchup with Pine Forest HS.

Terry Sanford Senior Wing Holt Walker: This season has not been his best season percentage wise but he has still found ways to be effective and is 6th in scoring at just under 13 points a night. Schools at D3 and JUCO levels have taken notice as he is a player that’s 6’4-6’5 with nice shooting ability.

Grays Creek Junior Guard Trevor Thomas: We got our first chance to see him play last march at the Fab 40 camp and he was very impressive. He is a multi-sport athlete that excels on the football field but also can be a very nice basketball player which he has shown this season, averaging over 12 points a night.

Pine Forest Senior Forward Julian Hill: This season has been a bit of a coming out party for him as he played well and is currently a top 5 scorer at 13 points a game. He’s 6’4 with decent length and plays the game with a confidence that you love to see, once he adds some more to his upper body strength he will take his game to the next level.