71st vs. Pinecrest Recap

High School
North Carolina

Posted On: 02/6/18 6:15 PM

This game turned out to be what we would call a ‘‘defensive battle’’. There was not much scoring that took place but both teams got after it defensively and played with a high amount of effort. The game would go into overtime with Pinecrest getting the win over 71st HS with a final score of 45-44.

71st Junior Forward Jaden Scriven: Jaden came in and provided some very good play for his squad, he rebounded the ball, blocked shots and was efficient with the touches that he got. Currently he’s playing a bit out of position at the PF spot as he is more of a wing prospect but he is making the most out of the situation and helping his team.

Pinecrest HS Senior Guard Jayson Jones: D3 programs should have this young man on their radar, he has a very high motor, nice quickness and a good natural feel for the game overall. Early on in this matchup he was very effective getting into the gaps of the defense and making plays for himself and others.

Pinecrest HS Senior Wing Jaaman Bailey: He didn’t have his best shooting night but his reputation as a shooter made the defense stay honest and not sag off of him too much. With his height and ability to shoot the ball he has a chance to either be a good D2 or D3 player, the key for him is to add some muscle and taking his ball handling skills to the next level.

71st HS Senior Guard Dontravious Byrd: The ball stayed in his hands quite a bit throughout the day but he didn’t turn the ball over much and was pretty efficient. He has good acceleration and finds ways to get into the gaps of the defense, JUCO programs should be tracking and calling.

Pinecrest HS Freshman Guard Bradlee Haskell: During this game he was pretty much the youngest player on the floor, however if you didn’t know his age, you would assume that he’s older due to his IQ for the game. He came up with some big time plays late in the game which included an offensive rebound and an assist to a teammate.

71st HS Guard Darius Bryant: The football player who has offers from schools like North Carolina A&T stepped up and showed that he can play the game of basketball as well. He has very impressive athletic ability and brings a toughness to the court that you love to have on your team.

71st HS Forward Brion McLaurin: Brion is another youngster that is playing out of position at this point, he’s more of a wing but he’s spending a higher amount of time in the post. He already has a nice skillset and good height for a wing at the next level but will just need to add some more upper body muscle, once you add a college body to his skillset, then you have a D1 caliber prospect.

Pinecrest HS Senior Guard Kenston Gillespie: His shooting from three point land was big for his squad as he knocked down multiple treys from the corner in the second half. With the defensive attention focused on Bailey and Jones, he took advantage of the opportunity and played well.