6A’s top glue guys


Posted On: 02/7/18 4:30 PM

We all know a glue guy when we see one. We might have different definitions of what constitutes a glue guy, but it boils down to a simple principle: they keep the team glued together.

Glue guys don’t necessarily wow you with a certain skill or with their athleticism, but they stand out by always doing the right thing. By always being in the right spot. By taking care of the basketball. And, by doing the little things that matter. With that being said, here are some of the top glue guys in Oregon’s 6A:

Brandon Roberts, Lake Oswego junior

Roberts is not a primary scorer for the TRL’s top team, but he plays as many minutes as just about anybody. He always ends up getting his hand on a pass to create a steal, or receiving a breakaway pass for a layup, or fighting for a rebound.

Daniel Kovalev, Lincoln junior

Lincoln’s experienced starting five all has roles. Bryce Sloan is their star, Rasheed Butler is instant offense, Aidan Anastas and Addison Phillips are quality bigs. Those seniors are all fine and dandy, but it’s Kovalev, the junior, who glues everything together. A sturdy football player, Kovalev can handle the ball adequately, hit a shot when needed, and play good defense.

Ty Rankin, Grant junior
Damon Hickok, Grant senior

These two are probably too athletic to be traditional ‘glue guys,’ but they are glue for Grant. The Generals have plenty of scoring, especially with point guard Aaron Deloney, but Rankin and Hickok make plays for the Generals on offense and play good defense.

Jake Bullard, Tigard junior

The Tigers are composed of a handful of glue guys. Tigard has no true point guard, so Bullard handles the ball for them on occasion, but can also hit a shot and make a play. Jazz Ross and Jake Leavitt also have some glue in them.

Kobe Withers, Sprague sophomore

This is taking a pretty liberal interpretation of ‘glue guy,’ because Withers is a terrific starting point guard for Sprague and glue guys don’t typically run the point. But with a team dominated by a star like Teagan Quitoriano, an athlete like junior Jailen Hammer and other pieces with certain skills (like shooter Perry Vanhouten), it takes a smart player like Withers to run the show.

Tyler Miller, West Salem senior

The Titans, fresh off a big win over Sprague, have a star in Kyle Greeley, a couple of other scorers, and then a handful of glue guys, like Miller. Kolby Cooper and Zach Robertson also hold the team together.

Eric Anderson, Westview senior

The 5-foot-10 point guard takes care of the basketball for the Wildcats, makes a couple of plays and plays within himself. In large part, it’s Westview post Jack Poling and then everybody else, but Anderson does a good job tying things together.

Mitch Modesjki, Clackamas senior

For the Cavaliers, it’s all about the posts: Dane Agost and Cole Turner, but Modjeski is a key wing. The elite quarterback is an elite glue guy.

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