6A State Tournament Preview

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Posted On: 02/27/18 1:55 PM

The 6A State tournament opens up tonight with a number of intriguing match-ups. There are a number of teams in this 6A field who are capable of making a deep run in the tournament. Moreover, there will be a number of intriguing games today.

All of the 1st round games for the 6A state tournament will take place at Weber State or Utah Valley.

6A State Tournament Preview

Most Intriguing: 2 #2 Granger vs. 1 #3 Davis

While Granger has earned the #2 seed out of their region, Davis is far from a typical #3 seed. It is possible that all of the teams from region 1 find a way to advance out of the 1st round of state.

One thing that works in Granger’s benefit is that this game will take place at Utah Valley rather than at Weber State. However, they will still have to deal with Josh Sanders and Tyson Garff.

Garff and Sanders make up one of the best shooting backcourts in the state. If these two get going, Davis is capable of making a deep run in the state tournament. In addition to these two, Rich Stucki and Brenden Redford are key contributors who will make an impact in this game. These two lead the team in rebounds and will need to win this battle for Davis to move forward.

Jason Murillo will be the X-Factor to watch in this contest. He is a walking double-double who could be a nightmare for Davis. His production will largely determine whether or not Granger moves on.

Murillo is also aided by Anel Alagic, who is the most capable scorer in this game. These two will need to be quite productive in this tough 1st round match-up.

Prediction: Davis finds a way to win despite the strong play of Murillo and Alagic.

Upset Watch: 1 #4 Weber vs. 2 #1 Kearns

While Kearns is the favorite in this game, and they should be, there are a lot of things going in Weber’s favor.

First, Weber is a competitive #4 seed. They have competed with everyone who they have played against and demonstrated that they are far from an easy out. Further, this is essentially a home game for Weber as the game will be played at Weber State.

Part of what makes Weber tough is that they have multiple shooters who are capable of knocking it down from deep. When it rains, it pours with this team. While living by the 3 means that they can die by it as well; those teams are always scary to play against in 1 and down formats.

A couple of the capable shooters to keep an eye on this evening are: Kobe Furqueron, Brandon Capener, and  Austin Bartholowmew. Furqueron is the primary scorer for Layton and will have the biggest role in taking down the #1 seed.

Kearns, on the other hand, has a lot of talent and will not go down easily. Journey Baba will have a lot to say in regards to a potential upset. In addition to Baba, David Andrew, Majok Kuath, and Emmanuel Andrew are more than capable scorers who will make an impact in this game.

This group has more than enough pieces in order to make a deep run in the state tournament. However, this is a less than stellar draw due to Weber’s location. Baba and Co. will need to play at a high level to stay alive.

Prediction: Kearns wins in an extremely close contest.

Crosstown Rivals: 4 #3 Bingham vs. 3 #2 Copper Hills

Bingham, South Jordan, and Copper Hills, West Jordan; wouldn’t have to drive to far to play each other. However, due to the games taking place at Weber State, both schools will have to hit the road for about an hour long drive.

Bingham comes into this game as the #3 seed out of the toughest region in the state in region 4. Ryan Wood and Ethan Langston will need to play some of the best basketball they have played in their careers in order for Bingham to continue their success that they have had in the state tournament.

With that said, the first time that these two teams met, Dalton Miller played a crucial role in the victory. While winning once this year tends to favor Bingham, wins in the season do not necessarily crossover to success in the state tournament.

Copper Hills’ Trevon Allfrey was held to one of his lowest scoring games of the season in that contest. His ability to make impact plays will be of the utmost importance in this match-up.

Allfrey is a capable scorer who has shown to be one of the most consistent scoring threats in the state. Adjustments to how Bingham guarded him the last time will be a key component to this game.

Prediction: Allfrey does not struggle to score the same way he did the 1st time and Copper Hills moves on to the next round.