5 Takeaways : East Clarendon vs Green Sea Floyds

High School
South Carolina

Posted On: 02/6/18 8:23 AM

Prep Hoops took in the action out in the tiny community of Green Sea out in Northwest Horry County near the North Carolina State Line last night. The game featured the hometown Trojans vs the East Clarendon Wolverines.

The Wolverines jumped out to a quick 7-0 lead on the play of Jalen Bryant. Bryant scored the first 12 points for the Wolverines as they ran to a 16-10 lead after the first quarter. The Wolverines kept piling it on all night long. The duo of Bryant and Tyjhai Calvin led the way. The Wolverines cruised to a 42-17 halftime lead.

Shaquille Johnson was off all night long for the Green Sea Floyds Trojans. Johnson finished with 19 points on 5-19 shooting from the floor. The visitors from East Clarendon pulled away with a 64-46 win to secure 2nd place in the region.

MVP : Jalen Bryant (2020) East Clarendon HS (Turbeville) (pictured on the front) 

Bryant got to the left-side of the basket all game long and finished with 21 points for the Wolverines. Bryant did all of his scoring either on the free throw line (11-12) or at the rim. Bryant didn’t look to shoot the ball on the perimeter at all and play off the ball the whole game.

Tyjhai Calvin

Best Offensive Performance : Tyjhai Calvin (2020) East Clarendon HS (Turbeville)

Calvin is the real deal at the point guard spot. Calvin plays with such a great demeanor on the floor with a pass first attitude Calvin a football (RB/DB). Calvin 5’11 (185) is a strong built kid with great body control. Calvin doesn’t look to force anything won the floor. Calvin finished with 12 points.

Duo in the Backcourt : Jalen Bryant (2020) and Tyjhai Calvin (2020)  East Clarendon HS 

Bryant and Calvin can take the Wolverines far in the playoffs. This duo and team really share the ball well and play unselfish on the floor.

Shaquille Johnson

Best College Prospect : Shaquille Johnson (2018) Green Sea Floyds 

Johnson oh boy just didn’t have it tonight for the Trojans. Johnson has a lot of talent and its frustrating at times to see a kid not use it the way they should. Johnson finished with 19 points on 5-19 from the floor with the game kind of out of reach all night long. Johnson will need to entertain junior colleges for next season. Johnson also plays football for the Trojans.

Down the stretch : 

The Wolverines finish the regular season tomorrow vs Hannah-Pamplico at home before starting the playoffs next week. Don’t let the Wolverines 9-10 overall record fool you down the stretch.

The Trojans finish the year with Lake View HS. These two schools will not qualify for the playoffs. Zack Dixon finished the night with 9 points for the Trojans.