5 Takeaways: Blue Springs Wildcats

High School

Posted On: 02/14/18 1:42 PM

We are stopping to take a look at the Blue Springs Wildcats and their season thus far. We will also take a look at what the future might have in store for them. They’ve had a down season this year, but they are also capable of making some noise when it comes district time. This team isn’t someone you want to run up against especially if they are on fire. On Tuesday night, they took down a hot Lee’s Summit North team for the second time this year by a score of 88-71.

– Daniel Parker Jr.

Although Parker Jr. is taking his talents to Missouri for FOOTBALL, he has been pretty much unstoppable on the hardwood this year as well. This kid is an absolute beast, and he Tuesday night he showed that he can tear it up from anywhere on the court. He’s obviously one of the biggest kids on the court and probably the strongest kid no matter who he is going up against, but who would think that he is one of the best shooters? Both times he’s played against Lee’s Summit North, he’s put up 30 balls. Last night he scored a game high 36 points while shooting 9-13 from behind the arc. If he was given any kind of space last night, it was going up, and his shots weren’t even touching the rim. It was pretty unbelievable, and from a viewer’s perspective, it was crazy awesome! He’s been doing this for a while though. You won’t see many players like Parker Jr, but when you do come across one, they are fun to watch.

– RJ Lawrence

RJ Lawrence is the other big time scorer for this Blue Springs Wildcats team. If left open, Lawrence is more than likely putting the ball up and he rarely misses. Last night he scored 28 points and sealed the deal with a 12 point 4th quarter. Lawrence can usually light it up from deep, but he showed on Tuesday night that he can get to the bucket and finish with either hand. He also has a proven step back and is straight buckets from 17 on in. When Lawrence drives to the buckets, his teammates really benefit when opposing players come to help. He’s a smart player who sees that finds open teammates for good looks. Lawrence and Parker Jr. both surpassed 1,000 points for their high school career this year which is an amazing accomplishment and very well deserved. Lawrence will be taking his talents to Pittsburgh, Kansas to play for the Pitt State Gorillas. The Division II Program will be a nice fit for Lawrence and he should excel quite well there.

– Role Players

Lawrence and Parker Jr. combined to score 64 of the 88 points put up by Blue Springs Tuesday night. They have been doing the majority of the coring this season, but there are more players to this team. Braylon Culler is a senior wing who has great size and will really help this team if they have any intentions on making a late season run. He is pretty athletic and can drive the ball when called upon. He finished with an efficient 9 points and only missing one shot all night. Senior big man Azaiah Bello isn’t the most talented player, but with his strength and knowing how to use his size, he is a key player. He knows how to box out and hustles for loose balls. He knows his role and will do anything for his team to win.

– Blue Springs has some young guns

The Wildcats have a couple of players who are earning some big time varsity time this year which will really benefit them down the road and in years to come. Losing Lawrence and Parker Jr. is really going to hurt so they will really rely on a few kids that have some experience and will take on the leadership role. Cooper Willich is the starting point guard for this team. He still has a little ways to go before he is a huge threat, but he is a smart and patient player. He is a pass first guard, but he should be with some of the scorers he has on his team. Willich works hard and looks for open teammates when driving to the bucket, but he has shown that ability to score if needed. The kid that people really need to pay attention to is sophomore Stefan Black II. He’s not talked about a ton, but when watching the kid play, he has some skill. He can shoot the ball from deep and is very quick off the dribble. Black II finished with 8 points last night. He’s had some issues staying on the court this year which is probably why he isn’t starting, and maybe at this time, he’s not the most reliable, but that should change in the future. Look for Black II to make a large impact next year.

– Taking a look at the Future

The season for Blue Springs hasn’t been one for the books or what they have expected. They’ve dealt with some injuries and players having to take college visits during scheduled games. Now that they are back to being healthy, they really do have a chance of making some noise come districts time. Parker Jr. and Lawrence will definitely have to play well, and they will also need that 3rd and maybe 4th player to step up. Black II and Culler will have to put together some good games down the stretch if they want to have any chance of winning their districts. With one of the better teams in state Rock Bridge plus a solid Blue Springs South team in their districts, it won’t be easy. One thing is for sure, this team has some great potential, and if they put together full games like last night, they can beat anyone.