3 Most Exciting Players: 2018-2020


Posted On: 02/27/18 9:22 AM

Basketball is the most exciting sport in the world. It’s unmatched in its raw and live emotion. There’s constant action throughout the game. One thing fans love about basketball is watching guys who consistently make highlight reel plays. These players are so exciting that they keep fans on the edge of their seat. We are lucky to have a good amount of these players in the state of Michigan. We will take a look at three players from the 2018, 2019, and 2020 classes that can make the claim of being the most exciting player in their class.


Lamar Norman (SG, Godwin Heights)

Norman is an extraordinary athlete. At 6-2, he plays above the rim which allows for some acrobatic finishes reminiscent of what you may see on SportsCenter. Norman isn’t just an athletic dunker. His highlights can come in the form of a steal, a three pointer, or a move to the basket.

David DeJulius (PG, EEVP)

The University of Michigan commit is a bulldog on the basketball court. He can score at all three levels, but is relentless when going to the bucket. DeJulius not only plays through contact, but thrives with it. He wears his emotions on his sleeve and can change a game with his explosiveness at any point.

Brandon Wade (PG, Skyline)

Wade is a different breed of exciting. The Duquesne commit is exciting because you never know what’s next. From a huge steal to an acrobatic finish in the lane, he can do it all. Wade can make a variety of plays in a short time that can and will change the course of a game.


Rocket Watts (G, Old Redford)

Watts is like a firecracker. He’s fast and explosive so you don’t want to look down at your phone when he’s on the court. His quickness and elite shooting ability make him a game changer. Watts isn’t limited by range so a big shot can come from anywhere at any time.

Carrington McCaskill (PF, Detroit Renaissance)

McCaskill is a high flyer who plays above the rim. If he gets out in the open court or finds a lane to the basket….LOOK OUT. He’s an elite athlete and uses it to make highlight plays on both ends. If you like watching big time blocks, McCaskill is a must see player.

Luke Maranka (PF, Hoops For Heaven Homeschool)

Maranka is one of the best dunkers in Michigan. He’s a versatile player who has a nice jumper and can play small forward and a stretch four. Maranka’s size and skill set can create matchup nightmares for opponents.


Steve Pearson (SG, Detroit Northwestern)

If you look up ‘athlete’ in the dictionary, you may see a picture of Steve Pearson. He’s a high flyer who has incredible body control in the air. He has powerful legs that create an explosive jump. Pearson is quick to the basket and can be past a defender and above the rim in no time.

Wendell Green (PG, Detroit Country Day)

If you like watching point guards do the spectacular, than Green is a must see player. He can put the ball in tight places and his passes are on a string. Green knows when and where he needs to put the ball in order for a teammate to score. If a pass looks impossible to make, Green can probably still make it.

Isaiah Jackson (F, Old Redford)

Jackson is a nice athlete with great size. He can take the ball the to the rim and create a highlight reel while doing so. On the defensive end, Jackson can fill a video with sensational blocks. He’s on of the most versatile players in Michigan and is a must see player.