Vantage Hoops Rankings

Posted On: 02/26/18 9:40 PM

As we continue to breakdown our prospect rankings, we take a look at part three of the wings from the Northern VA area.

Jordan White | 6’3” | Christ Chapel (#98 Overall)

Jordan White

White is wired to score and it all starts with his ability to get off and make shots from deep. He has a stocky frame and he uses it to muscle off defenders, but he also does a great job moving off the basketball and getting into his shot quickly. He likes to take shots with the game on the line, and he can score it in bunches with ease.

Connor Wither | 6’5” | Osbourn (#99 Overall)

Connor Withers

A super skilled wing with great size, Wither can do it on the court in a number of different ways. He plays sort of a point forward role, but he’s a knock down shooter both off the catch and off the bounce. He isn’t super explosive, but he’s extremely smart and crafty off the bounce, which allows him to get to his spots to make shots or make plays for others.

Greg Rowson | 6’5” | Robinson (#103 Overall)

Greg Rowson

Rowson isn’t super athletic, but he’s very smart and efficient on the offensive end. In transition he can handle the basketball and make plays for others, and in the half court he’s excellent working off the ball. He always makes the right cuts, can shoot the ball from deep and the midrange and simply knows how to play the game the right way.

Ryan Luck | 6’5” | Christ Chapel (#106 Overall)

Luck has really good size on the wing, and he knows how to use that to his advantage. The 6’5” wing rebounds the ball very well, attacks down hill and on cuts and has a solid midrange game that he knows how to get off using his size. He’s also a versatile and good defender that can guard in the post and on the perimeter.

Ben Horsford | 6’2” | Wakefield (#118 Overall)

Ben Horsford

Another knock down shooter on this list, Horsford specialty makes him a necessity on a team full of athletes. His ability to stretch the floor gets both his guards and bigs opportunities for touches in the paint, and he puts points on the board in a hurry. Not only can shoot it from deep, he’s adept at getting to the line for easy points as well.

Myles Roper | 6’2” | VA Academy (#123 Overall)

A good defender and hustle guy, Roper is great as that fifth guy that can do a little bit of everything for your team. He gets after it on both ends, rebounds well for his size and has a knack for being in the right place at the right time. He’s a guy who can play multiple different roles and will do what it takes to help his team win.

Vincent Reed-Berry | 6’1” | Christ Chapel (#139 Overall)

A big guard that can score it in a number of ways, Reed-Berry is capable of exploding and putting up big numbers in any game. He has a shifty handle, he can shoot the midrange and he’s a good rebounder and capable defender. While he can play on the ball he’s best off of it in transition.

Dominic Peterson | 5’11” | Loudoun Valley (#144 Overall)

Dominic Peterson

Peterson is the ultimate glue guy, someone that always helps his team win. He’s a scrappy guy, he makes the right plays on the defensive end and he makes shots from all over the floor offensively. He has a high IQ and he’s a guy who makes everyone on his team better.