Vantage Hoops Rankings

Posted On: 02/15/18 1:22 PM

This year, for our updated rankings breakdowns we decided to do it by area and by position. The Hampton Roads area, or the 757, has produced some of the best players in the history of the state, especially at the guard position. Here’s a look at part two of our breakdown for guards in the 757.

*Note: These are players who play their high school ball in the Hampton Roads area.

  • Ra’Shawn Cook | 5’9” | Williamsburg Christian (#100 Overall)

A naturally gifted scorer, Cook has the ability to hang a lot of points on you very quickly and leave defenders frustrated trying to guard him. With the ball in his hands he can score from all three levels, make contested shots and he has an all out kind of playing style that’s infectious to his team. He may be a shoot first guard, but he can lead his team in scoring any night.

Evan Tebay | 6’1” | Hampton Christian (#117 Overall)

Evan Tebay

One of the more crafty guards in the area, Tebay can handle, shoot and pass it, making him the classic triple threat PG on the offensive end. He creates separation off the bounce, gets in the lane and finds ways to finish over bigger defenders. Defensively, he has good instincts that allow him to play passing lanes and make plays.

Deja Jackson | 5’11” | Deep Creek (#119 Overall)

An über talented guard, Jackson has quick feet, good burst and great shot making ability. He can blow by defenders off the bounce and hit the floater, but he also can step back and drain the deep ball, making him a tough cover off the bounce. His ability to fill it up makes him a threat from all over the court.

Tommie Pope | 5’10” | Cape Henry (#128 Overall)

Tommie Pope

Pope may not put the numbers up that the kids below him do, but he’s the classic role playing guard that finds a way to make his team better. He does this mostly on the defensive end, as he’s a tough guy that likes the challenge of guarding the other team’s best player.

Ray Ward | 5’9” | Salem (VB) (#141 Overall)

Ward may not be big, but he has a lot of dog in him. He’s a tough minded kid who is lightning quick and is always out to prove something. He floats when he leaves his feet, attacks the basket hard in transition and he is capable of making plays for both himself and others in the half court set.

Clint Scott | 5’11” | Denbigh (#147 Overall)

Clint Scott

A pass first kid who can also make shots from deep, Scott is one of the most underrated players in the area and is a kid D3s should be all over. He is a knock down shooter off the catch from deep, and he has great vision and understanding with the ball in his hands. He’s also a great leader and a good defender as well.

Keyshawn Jefferson | 5’11” | Lafayette (#149 Overall)

Jefferson is another dual threat PG who has a good frame and plays with good pace. The Lafayette guard surpassed the 1,000 point mark this season, and his ability to shoot it from deep and score in bunches make him a big time threat with the ball in his hands.