Vantage Hoops Rankings

Posted On: 02/27/18 3:41 PM

As we continue to breakdown our prospect rankings, we take a look at part one of the wings who play high school basketball in the Central and Western regions of VA.

Seneca Louis | 6’5” | Hargrave (#52 Overall)

Seneca Louis

He was voted to the VIC Second Team in his first year at Hargrave, and one thing that’s for sure with Louis is that he has a lot of natural ability. He is extremely athletic, he can make shots and plays with the ball in his hands, he can defend on the perimeter and finish in traffic. If he can remain consistent he could be a steal at the next level.

Myles Jones | 6’3” | Blue Ridge (#66 Overall)

Myles Jones, Vantage Hoops

Jones is the perfect glue guy and energy guy for a team, because he does all of the little things to help them win. He defends, he rebounds, he understands a complex system on both ends and he can shoot the basketball. He isn’t the most athletic guy, but he’s strong and plays with a high motor and high IQ.

Mike Cunningham | 6’2” | FUMA (#67 Overall)

Cunningham is on his fourth high school in as many years, so while you may have forgot about him he’s still out there putting up numbers. Earlier this year he had a 50 point game, and he’s been scoring it at a high clip all year. He’s a knock down shooter from deep, and that’s what gets him started, and after that he can attack closeouts, get in the lane and get to the line.

Cole Meadows | 6’5” | Giles (#75 Overall)

Cole Meadows

After a huge senior season, Meadows is looking like a gem in the western part of the state. At 6’5”, he’s a legitimate three man that can handle the basketball and he’s super athletic. He finishes above the rim, has improved in almost every aspect offensively, and if he chooses to rebound and defend he can be the best overall player on the floor almost every time out.

Shannon “Shey” Webb | 6’3” | Northside (#89 Overall)

Shey Webb

Despite a knee injury that has kept him out this year, Webb committed to Ferrum College and new coach Tyler Sanborn, and should be an immediate impact if healthy. He’s a do-it-all kind of guy, he can play inside and out, has a good frame and is an above average athlete. He has a pretty good IQ, and with his versatility he can be plugged in at different spots moving forward.

Krys Lloyd | 5’10” | North Stafford (#91 Overall)

Krys Lloyd

The shooter out of Stafford County has lit it up all year long, and he’s shown that he will be a sleeper at the next level. Despite his stature, he has very deep range, he has a quick release and consistent form, and he’s an explosive athlete when finishing around the rim. His ability to make shots from well beyond the arc and fill it up in bunches means his a dangerous man off the ball.