Posted On: 01/31/18 6:58 PM

It can be easy to look at the list of top teams in the state and think that the reason those teams are on top is their star power. But none of those teams would be as successful as they are without the glue guys who hold those teams together. Here’s a look at some of the most valuable role players across Kentucky.

Lorenzo Williams, Scott County – Williams, a junior, averages 8 points and 3 rebounds per game for the state’s top ranked team but his value comes on the defensive end of the floor. Williams routinely draws the best player on the opposing team and uses his excellent on ball defense to cover up some of his teammates’ defensive struggles.

Jameel Hardaway, Trinity – The ultimate glue guy on a team full of stars. The junior does a little bit of everything for Trinity. Hardaway is 5th on the team in scoring and the third best rebounder but more importantly, Hardaway possesses defensive versatility. Jameel uses length and athleticism to guard all 5 positions and is not afraid to do all the dirty work necessary to for the best team in Louisville.

Clint Wickliffe, Fern Creek – One of the senior leaders of the Fern Creek Tigers, Wickliffe has made himself into a nice player over his high school career. He’s been offered a scholarship to Georgetown College. But with Ahmad Price and Anthony Wales garnering much of the attention, Clint goes under the radar a lot. If you removed Wickliffe from the Fern Creek roster, they almost certainly wouldn’t be having the success they have experienced the last two years.

Austin Hall, Lexington Christian – Some see Austin as the “third wheel” alongside his two Division I teammates. In reality, Hall is the reason that Kyle Rode and Carter Hendricksen thrive. Austin is a very efficient scorer and is second on the team in rebounding. Without Austin Hall, Lexington Christian wouldn’t have a brand new All A state championship trophy in their trophy case this week.

Nick Thelen, Covington Catholic – The 6’6 power forward is the junkyard dog type that championship teams need. He plays with a chip on his shoulder and has a Dennis Rodman type of mentality. Thelen is an agitator. Rival schools love to boo him and his coaches and teammates love him because they know exactly how valuable he is for their winning ways to continue.