Posted On: 01/10/18 4:39 PM

Tuesday Night was a big action for players across Minnesota and circumstances had me watching the monitors at home.  Who stood out?  Let’s break it down now starting with Tyler Wahl.

Tyler Wahl, Lakeville North.  The Panthers picked up a huge win over Apple Valley and it was a team effort without a doubt.  That said, Wahl’s performance last night lifted him to an entire new level in the eyes of many.  The Eagles had a double figure lead in the second half before Wahl exploded. Apple Valley didn’t have a player with size that could keep Tyler in front of them so he attacked the basket and scored in an array of ways.  His ability to score with the soft one handed touch and the squared up jumper were pretty but it was his handling ability that really impressed.  His behind the back pass to Tyler Lewko was special as well the key late perimeter jumper and the foul shots.  Twenty points and most of them were in half two during the run.

Anthony Davis, Hopkins. The Royals guard scored a rapid 15 points pushing the Royals to an early 32-16 lead over Orono.  Davis hit from the arc, he scored in transition, there were a pair of quick first step attacks baseline to finish over traffic, and the off ball active scores.  Davis finished with 26 points, he moved the ball building assists, and when the other Hopkins guards couldn’t guard Colton Codute, Anthony moved in and took care of business himself.  It was an all around performance from an all around player.

Emmette Page, Osseo.  This guy has a flare for the big moment doesn’t he?  I remember Emmette’s full court shot make to beat Totino-Grace last year, his explosive season opener at the Breakdown Tip-Off performance this year in front of a statewide crowd, and then last night in overtime Page attacked to score, made foul shots, and then turned steals into open floor dunks, all in overtime leading Osseo over Champlin Park.  Page scored 20 for the game but 40 percent of that was in overtime.

Nate Seelye, Grand Rapids.  Northern Minnesota doesn’t have a defender yet that can slow down Seeleye who has become an explosive scorer for The GR.  Seelye had 37 over the weekend grabbing the attention of many but last night turned it up to a whole new level. No, I didn’t see Nate’s game live like the others but his highlights are online and what you see is a 39 point performance from against a very good Esko team.  Seven foot plus Adam Trapp had 30 points and of course trying to score near the rim was next to impossible like it usually is.  But Seelye is so good at attacking and using his length as well as moving sharply off the ball that he was one of the rare players to find space to release with Trapp on the floor.

Carter Henry, BOLD.  Over the past year I feel like I’ve just been screaming to the high heavens about how good Carter can be but few are listening. Well, people are listening now.  Last night Henry scored 30 with a dozen boards plus several blocks helping BOLD to a win over ACGC.  Henry’s length, size at 6-foot-7 or 6-foot-8, explosive vertical, and frame that can add strength without sacrificing agility, its also part of a 2019 with potential to be a top ten prospect and who knows where in that top ten.  If Henry can continue to work daily on his skill improvement his ceiling will be even higher.