Posted On: 01/26/18 12:29 PM

When you study the history of Las Vegas, from the basketball perspective and do your research. You will see that Las Vegas is known for having great guards. Over the last few years there have been some Big’s and wings that have come out of Vegas that have made names for themselves. We will look at the class of 2018 potential prospects that will be available at the end of the high school season.

6’6″ Brain Washington of Cimarron Memorial, Can be a defensive nightmare a rim protector, very bouncy and a shot blocker.

6’5″ Zim Agu of Bishop Gorman, Is very athletic can run the floor, is also a very good rebounder. Good team player.

6’6″ Leandre Mcintyre Jr of Durango, He’s a lefty that very long can step outside and knock down the mid-range. Need to put on some weight.

6’5″ D’Eric Marlowe of Legacy, Nice frame, need to tone up in the gym. Can step outside and shoot the Deep 3. Can play with back to the basket.

6’8″ Culen Higbee of Pahranagat, One thing you can’t teach his size and this young man has that. He has experience high-level competition playing for the Las Vegas prospects EYBL team. Still need some work!

6’6″ Taja Comeaux of Coronado, He’s a twin and he plays extremely hard plays with attitude is not afraid to rebound and get physical!

6’6″ Taeem Comeaux of Coronado, This may sound rhetorical but this young man plays the same way as his brother physical can rebound and is not scared to do the little things!

6’5″ Tieman Allen of Palo Verde, This young man runs the floor well. Have a nice outside touch, a little bit thin. Needs to get in the gym and get a little muscle.

These are just some prospects I believe that have the ability to play at the next level if they apply themselves. Some Of Vegas Best!