TNT Elite Hoops Tryouts: Standouts Pt. 1/3


Posted On: 01/8/18 10:59 AM

Orlando’s “TNT Elite Hoops” AAU squad is already gearing up for their spring and summer seasons, and the future definitely looks bright for them. On Sunday afternoon, they hosted tryouts for the elementary ages, all the way up to the high school senior level. I had a chance to stop in and peep some of their high school talent. Over 50 student-athletes tried out. Here are a few names to watch out for, part one of three.

Daniel Rivera: This 2019 big man made his presence felt on the rebounding glass, early. A hard man to box out at around 6’4”-6’5”, he was able to reach above the competition to snag easy boards all day long. I’d love to see him get a bit more consistent with his low-post scoring. But leave no doubt, he will be a paint-clogger on D, and an offensive rebound helper for TNT, later this year.

Dave Whetzel: Another 2019 man, Dave is a shifty guard who knows how to penetrate the paint to create opportunities for his shooters. At least in this particular time of seeing him, he comes off as a pass-first point guard—which isn’t a bad thing to have. His head’s always up on the drive. Dave’s head-fake can get make defenders hesitate or get them off-balanced.

Kanye Jones: I loved his energy around the mid-range painted area. Whether defense or offense, he was looking to get involved in the play, making himself a threat. Jones has solid footwork around the post—even though he plays a guard spot. Jones has some bounce, he skied for a few rebounds throughout the day. Jones possesses a pretty decent midrange jumper, as well. Look out for him.

Josh Sohn: Sohn is another guy who just exuded a great deal of hustle every time I caught a glimpse of him. He appears most comfortable off-the-dribble—showing he can give a little fake to the defender, throw him off, and lay it in for the score. I could tell he was going 110% the entire tryout. Players like that can lift teams to a new level.

Lorenzo Jones: One of the quickest players on the floor, without question. Jones set the tone for any team he was paired with. He can hit the deep three without hesitation. His defense is pesky, especially when he’s on-ball on the perimeter. You’re not going to get past him. If he ends up being backed down in the post, Jones knows how to defend the situation. Just an all-around great guard to watch.