Ten Best: Sunrise Christian v Derby Invasion

High School

Posted On: 01/7/18 9:30 PM

Sunrise Christian Academy (Silver) was in action against the Derby Invasion (Homeschool) on Friday night in an entertaining KCAA game in Derby.

The first half was a battle in itself as Derby found themselves leading 26-23 going into halftime but the second half was dominated by the Buffaloes from Sunrise, outscoring Derby 36-21.

Sunrise’s offense came almost exclusively from their starters with John Dunn Jr. leading the way and helping secure the eventual win.

Sunrise- 59 Derby (Homeschool)- 47

MVP: John Dunn Jr (2018)- Sunrise Christian Academy

Dunn, who is the Buffaloes leading scorer, ended with 24 points and 7 rebounds in the victory over Derby.

Throughout the game, even when Sunrise was behind, it felt as though they were in control with Dunn at the helm with 12 of his 20 coming in the first half.

Dunn is currently a small school prospect who can use his scoring ability and quickness to add value.

Best Defensive Performance: Thomas King (2020)- Derby Invasion

On the defensive end, Thomas King (2020) gave Sunrise Christian the most trouble out of any other defender, altering shots in the paint with his length and helping control the boards in pockets of the game.

King also had an impressive 5 steals and 3 blocks to accompany his 9 rebounds in the game.

Best Offensive Performance: John Dunn Jr (2018)- Sunrise Christian

John Dunn Jr continues to display his offensive skill set, scoring from all three levels in this game and making an impact on the defensive end this game with a few steals.

Dunn turned at least two steals into fast break points. He also added a few assists including a big one down the stretch in the fourth quarter to Alex Wyatt.

Best Performance without Scoring: Levi Weber (2019)- Derby Invasion

Although Levi did not show up in the points column of the stat sheet, he was able to pull down 10 rebounds in the game.

Levi was a huge factor in keeping them within striking distance at points in the second half by helping control the defensive boards and limit the second chance opportunities of Sunrise.

Best Rebounder: Javier Silva (2019)- Sunrise Christian

Javier was very active all night on the offensive and defensive boards, ending the game with 15 rebounds to go along with 13 points.

Javier is a big body for the KCAA who goes after every rebound that comes his way.

Silva needs to continue to focus on the fundamentals of his game as his limited use of his left hand around the rim, footwork, and discipline hold him back at times.

Best Under-the-Radar Performance: Kole Barger (2020)- Derby Invasion

Kole displayed his abilities and potential this game ending with 13 points.

This includes a beautiful play going coast to coast in the fourth quarter showcasing his ability to run the court, handle the ball, and finish at the rim amongst defenders.

Kole has the potential to develop into a small school prospect in the years to come.

Best Guy off the Bench: Thomas King (2020)- Derby Invasion

Not only did King impact the defensive side of the ball but he was also able to contribute 12 points all while coming off of the bench for Derby.

King is solid fundamentally and can play both inside and outside the paint standing around 6’4’’ which makes him a tough matchup.

Play of the Game: Series of plays with 6 minutes remaining- Alex Wyatt- Sunrise Christian

With about six minutes to go, Alex Wyatt went on a tear on consecutive possessions for a quick flurry of scoring. First a FG on an assist from John Dunn, then a three pointer from the corner, and finally a layup off of an offensive rebound to balloon the Sunrise lead to 12.

Best Underclassman: Troy Watkins (2021)- Sunrise Christian

This is Troy’s first year playing basketball in Kansas as he hails from Las Vegas. What Troy lacks in size, he makes up for in speed and quickness as he was getting into the paint at will against Derby and making good decisions.

Troy ended with 8 points and 4 rebounds and did a good job on the defensive end of walling up and showing his hands when the other team tried to exploit the size difference.

Troy will be a good player in the future as he matures both physically and mentally but will need some size if he is going to play at the next level.

Best Story to Watch Moving Forward: The future of Invasion with their two young stars, King and Barger

While gaining experience playing together, Thomas King and Kole Barger are the future of the Derby Invasion. King has the ability to impact the game on both ends of the court and really fill up the stat sheet and Barger has shown good ball handling, control, and scoring ability for an underclassman.