Posted On: 01/23/18 10:19 PM

Broken Arrow had their A game on Tuesday night against the Union Redskins. The Tigers dominated behind the trio of Camryn Dennis, Caleb Huffman, and Josh Robinson. Union was led by a balanced attack on a rough night. Get our Ten Best below!

Game Highlights 

MVP: Camryn Dennis 2019 Broken Arrow Point Guard

Dennis played the best he has ever played in high school in the first half on Tuesday night scoring 18 points on 77% shooting from the floor. He took great shots, which led to a high percentage. The Tigers are very dangerous when Dennis is creating offense for his teammates and himself. The handle of Dennis is unquestionably the best in Oklahoma in my opinion. Dennis has the ball on a string and seemed to just toy with opponents on Tuesday night. Without a doubt, Dennis has improved his stock tremendously this high school season. He projects to the Mid Major Division I level.

Offensive Player of the Game: Camryn Dennis 2019 Broken Arrow Point Guard 

You probably have a good idea who the offensive player of the game was going to be after reading the MVP blurb. I do want to point out that Dennis did not just create offensive for himself, but opened the floor for his team. If Dennis can bring the focus and determination he brought on Tuesday night Broken Arrow is going to win a lot of game in March.

Defensive Player of the Game: Braden Boyer 2018 Broken Arrow Post (Signed to UAFS)

Boyer does not get a whole lot of recognition on this Broken Arrow team. However what he does on the defensive end should not go unnoticed as the Tigers continue to win games. Boyer is the anchor of Broken Arrow manning the paint on ends. Boyer was great on the glass. He makes opponents feel his presence adjusting and blocking shots.

Bright Spot: Michiah McQuarters 2018 Union Wing

McQuarters dropped in 18 points in the loss. Union’s bright spot is McQuarters battling throughout the night scoring the ball best getting to the rim. The senior leadership of McQuarters, Mo Garcia, and Jordan Flood will be very key in their run at the state tournament. McQuarters is one of the most improved players in the state of Oklahoma.

Quiet night: Caleb Huffman 2018 Broken Arrow Guard

Caleb Huffman had a huge night quietly for Broken Arrow. He scored 21 points for the Tigers using his quickness and a great change of pace to attack the basket. Huffman is very athletic, quick, and is starting to figure things out on the court. He could play at the 1 or the 2 at the next level. Prep Hoops projects Huffman to the Mid Major Division I level.

The Key: Major Smith 2018 Broken Arrow Point Guard

Smith brings a high basketball IQ to the floor with great heart and toughness. Prep Hoops projects Smith to the NAIA D2 level to NCAA Division II level. For Smith, it will come down to finding his fit at the next level.

Under the radar: Josh Robinson 2018 Broken Arrow Wing

Robinson is emerging as the player that is flying under the radar in Oklahoma. He is a long, lanky, athletic Wing that thrives off attacking the basket. His shot is a little awkward. The god gifted ability of Robinson is off the charts. He has all of the measurables. Robinson might be best going to a JUCO for two years and refining his game to get to his highest potential at the NCAA Division I level. Keep an eye on what happens with Robinson’s recruitment this spring. He has the talent to play at the Low Major NCAA Division I level out of high school.

Next Up: Broken Arrow vs Sapulpa

The Tigers don’t get a break in the schedule with a matchup against #10 in Class 6A Sapulpa. It will be interesting to see how the Tigers guard Sapulpa Point Guard Julian Smith. Broken Arrow enters the game the favorite.

Next Up: Union AT Bishop Kelley

The Redskins will go on the road to take on Bishop Kelley the #8 team in Class 5A. Expect Union to be ready to play especially coming off a tough loss.

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