Posted On: 01/19/18 10:54 AM

For Deer Park senior Jalen Rose, the signs were there early that this could be a special season. “I knew we were going to be good early in the off-season,” Rose stated. “Everybody worked very hard on their craft. So, when the season started everything just clicked.” And while others on the Wildcats team may get more publicity, Jalen’s consistent performance over the last few years should not be overlooked.

For those who have never seen him play, Rose can score from all three levels and always seems to take quality shots. But to me he is at his best in the mid-range area where he can pull-up off the dribble or get in the lane for floaters and lay-ups at the rim. “I have always been able to score in the mid-range. That is something that my mother and father preached to me was using my mid-range,” he stated. And for Jalen taking quality shots leads to efficient shooting. His 45.9/30/75 splits this season come behind a season where he shot 52/41/66 while averaging 16ppg.

On the other end of the court, with his height (6’5) and athleticism Rose has the ability to be a versatile defender at the next level as well. This was the part of his game that he mentioned he has seen the most improvement in as well. “I feel that I have gotten stronger and improved on the defensive end as well,” Jalen stated. “I am taking more pride on getting stops on the defensive end than in the past.”

With no offers at the moment, Rose stated that he does have some interest at the D-III/NAIA level. He currently has a 3.0 GPA and will re-take the ACT in February after getting an 18 on his first attempt. With the undefeated Wildcats looking poised to like a team ready to make a post season run, programs at the next level looking for a versatile wing should really give this young man a look.