Recruiting Report: Spencer Boehm (2019)


Posted On: 01/8/18 3:00 PM

New Trier 2019 power forward Spencer Boehm is a high academic 6’8” four man that plays with a lot of skill on the block.  Seems to have gained more strength in his upper body since we saw him in July.  Can score on the block as well as pass out of the post finding shooters.  His skill extends to beyond the arc being able to shoot it from three when left open.  Plays physical around the hoop getting to the line.  Good defensive rebounder.  Ivy League prospect all the way.

Boehm spoke about his junior campaign.

“I think I am playing alright.  I think I could be shooting the ball a little bit better, but I am passing the ball with our offense as we have so many guys that can score.  I am trying to put the ball in the basket when it is my turn.  Rebound the ball effectively.”

Where has he improved the most?

“I think my three point shooting and improving my perimeter skills.  With Ciaran (Brayboy) on our team it gives me the opportunity to play more on the wing which in college I think I will move more towards.  Being able to handle the ball and knock down shots.”

Boehm is pretty far along in his recruitment as he has a pair of leaders.

“Right now I am looking between Columbia and Dartmouth.  Those are my top schools right now.  Bucknell has contacted me recently.”

What stands out about Dartmouth?

“My older brother went to Dartmouth and I have been there a ton of times.  New coaching staff and everything.”

Columbia is making a push for his commitment as well.

“The assistant coach was also my brother’s coach when he was at Dartmouth.  I know him pretty well.  Two Chicago players are there and I know them pretty well.”

Being down to a pair of schools what is his timeline for a decision?

“Definitely after the season.  More toward the spring or summer.”