Recruiting Report: Mitchell Weber (2018)


Posted On: 01/24/18 9:51 AM

Mitchell Weber is a Track & Field star that is also a strong basketball player who has his team at 10-6 with teammates starting to come back from injury.

“Besides the fact that we had a rough start to the season with injuries with Brandon Schultz, Devin Embacher, Dylan Schons, and myself out for the first 5-6 games because of various injuries we are doing very well,” Weber said.

“We are 10-6 right now and every game we lost it has been under five points every game that we lost and we’re really doing well lately on a 4 game winning streak right now.”

The Cyclones lost their first two games and dropped two of three in the Bethany Lutheran event. Since then Weber has improved as have his teammates.

“Personally, in my own game, I have become a lot better outside shooter and able to get to the rim a lot easier,” Mitchell said. “With nine seniors graduating and five of those being our starters we are losing a lot but we also have a lot of young talent coming up through the ranks.

“I think next year will be a pretty good year for them and they will be an exciting team to watch considering a lot of those underclassman are playing a lot of minutes for us now.”

Mitchell has said a lot of great things about his teammates and their future, but they also have a great shot at winning some playoff games. And Weber wants to help his team learn to win.

“I just hope to help my team in every aspect that I can from a leader to a player and hopefully we can continue to play well and get a chance to go as far as we did two years ago!”

Weber could play college basketball but he’s a major conference committed athlete already in a different sport.

“I’ve been contacted by a decent amount of schools for basketball but I’ve had quite a few more schools for track and field as I am number one in the nation in discus for my age group,” Weber said.

“I have actually signed with the University of Missouri for track and field next year!”