Recruiting Report: Marcus Johnson (2018)


Posted On: 01/17/18 10:44 PM

After a tough start to the season where St. Agnes began just 1-5, they have since gone on a 5-2 run.

The main driver for the Aggies is certainly Marcus Johnson. The senior is averaging 24.8 PPG and 7.7 RPG, and he possesses great patience in how the program is being built from here on out.

“The season started slow, we have a lot of young guys,” Johnson said. “Only two seniors on the team, and we lost three of our top four scorers. We have young guys that have to step up and get ready for varsity. Over the summer, the main thing was getting into the gym, getting tons of shots up and trying to get better every single day.”

Coach Chris Hopkins came in last year and instituted a school-wide basketball plan, reaching all the way down to the middle-schoolers. Johnson sees the vision.

“He is trying to get the whole program better,” Johnson said of his coach. “We have a lot of guys at the younger levels who will be ready in a little while. We will be ready to make a run in sections down the road.

“The coaches are pushing everyone, from varsity level all the way down to 6th grade. Everyone is running the same stuff so that when they get to the varsity level, everyone knows what’s going on.”

It’s rare for someone Marcus’ age to have such a defined career path, so it impressed me when he told me.

“I want to major in business management and go into real estate once I get my degree. My dad does real estate, so it’s a family business. He’s been bringing me up in it since I was younger.”

There’s no question that area D3s should jump in on Marcus’ recruitment. He’s a potent scorer with a real maturity to him that any team could use.

“I’d like to continue playing basketball in college,” he affirmed. “I’ve talked to a couple schools; Northland in Ashland, WI is recruiting me the most right now.”