Recruiting Report: Jackson Molstead (2019)


Posted On: 01/12/18 11:41 AM

A skilled scorer with some serious vision, it’s no wonder Charles City junior guard Jackson Molstead has been commanding some Division I and Division II interest of late.

There’s one Southern Iowa NAIA that has offered the 5-foot-10 floor-general, and another batch of schools that are very interested.

“I’m still talking to Omaha, North Dakota, North Dakota State, and then I have an offer from William Penn. I have a bunch of interest from a bunch of other NAIAs,” said Molstead.

“And then Southwest Minnesota State, which is a really good D2 school, they were at one of my games recently, and I talk to their coaches all the time. I’ll be going on a visit February 3rd.”

He added: “I’ve also talked to Sioux Falls and also Wayne State, I’ve been talking to them. And then Drake assistant Ali (Farokhmanesh) has talked to my head coach.”

The Martin Brothers product is enjoying another successful season with the Comets, as he has for the past two seasons, and mentioned to PHIA exactly what it is he’s worked to improve since last winter.

“Obviously, I’ve been in the weight-room trying to get bigger, and I’ve been working on defense because I would say that was my weak point last year,” said Molstead. “And then I’ve been working on a pull-up jumper, because I’m going to need to have that if I want to be an elite scorer.”

Molstead’s individual success has helped generate some great team success, too. His Comets raced out to a 9-1 start to the season.

“We’ve really come together as a team since our loss on opening night (to Dike-New Hartford). We’ve beat some really good teams,” said Molstead. “We’re a streaky team, we can really shoot it, we have some good bigs, we’re a scrappy team who’s just looking to make our way into the postseason.”

Molstead is averaging 19.3 points, 7.4 assists and 4.1 rebounds per game this season.

“I think I’m having a good year, but I’m not shooting the ball as good as I want to,” said Molstead.  “My coach has been setting up a lot for me to get me open. It’s been a good year so far.”

When his junior season is complete, he’ll head right into what will be a very eventful 17U season with the Martin Brothers.

“I love my team, it’s a bunch of great players. We got Cole Henry, Aidan (Vanderloo), Dillon Carlson. We’re looking to have a big season, a big season for recruitment,” said Molstead. “Looking to blow up, looking for our team to blow up — just have a big-season for the team, and individually.”