Conference Preview

Posted On: 01/30/18 1:14 AM

A top-50 hoops prospect in Idaho’s 2019 class, Burley’s 6-foot-5 wing Jackson Hill already has some college basketball options, but says he’ll wait until spring to make a decision.

He’d like to pursue both track and basketball at the next level, so he wants to hold off until midway through the track and field season to see what additional scholarship packages he might get.

“I’ve had a lot of schools look at me and I’ve had some offers, but I do track and field also, so I think I’m just going to wait until after track season to decide on a college,” said Hill.

“I’d like to maybe do both in college, rather than just decide on a college now.”

Centralia and Southwest Oregon have offered for basketball, the latter of which he says might be offering for track soon, too.

“Currently, Southwest Oregon is talking to me for track and basketball. And they’re going to get back to me for the final offer,” said Hill. “At first they said it would be just for basketball, but when they found out I did track too, I think they decided they were going to try and work something out for track and basketball.”

Idaho’s 49th-ranked 2019, Hill mentioned what is is that makes hims such a threat on the hardwood.

“I’ve always felt that my strength as a player has been my size and athleticism. I definitely have the length and I’m a pretty good jumper, so I‘m good at getting to the rim and jumping over bigger players,” said Hill.

“I can see the court pretty well, and something I definitely need to work on still is my ball-handling and passing.”

With his senior season at Burley nearing its finish, Hill says his goal is to just do what he can to get his team some more Ws.

“We’ve had a great year so far, and my role has been big, I’m getting lots of rebounds and scoring,” he said.

Then, it’s right into track season, and he’ll likely make his college decision shortly thereafter.

“I’ll probably make a decision before the track season is over; but I’ll try and make it some a month or two into the season,  just to see what else I can pick up,” said Hill.  

“Most important to me is just to find the right school, and to get a good scholarship. And I just want to find a school that’s the right for for both basketball and track.”