Posted On: 01/24/18 5:00 AM

When you have a dad that played at the University of Iowa, odds are you’ll have some game, too. That’s just the case with Clear Creek-Amana senior Darius Moore.

Moore’s dad, Darryl Moore, played at Iowa in the mid-1990s, and he certainly passed the basketball gene down to Darius, who is averaging 19.1 points per game this season for the Clippers.

Darius, who played with the Sioux City West varsity the last two seasons, says it’s his mental makeup that’s been key to his success this season.

“Really, I think it just comes down to having that mental toughness, when my team needs a shot I feel like I can create whenever I want; whether that’s a pull-up J or taking it to the rack strong,” said Darius

“I’ve been working on my 3-point shot, too. It’s been getting better as time goes.”

Moore started at Sioux City West his sophomore season, but played less as a junior. He was a role player last season for the Wolverines, a defense and rebounding specialist. This season, for his new team, he’s the main man.

“My role has completely changed. When I came over the Clear Creek coach told me that I needed to be the guy, and just to take over. It was a little rough at first; I wasn’t used to being the main man and being able to have the green light and shoot whenever I want,” said Moore.

“It’s been a good for for me, and I’ve been playing well. It’s been working out well so far.”

Even with basketball in his blood, Moore says his passions have shifted, and he’s leaning towards playing football in college. That’s partly because of the lack of basketball interest coming in from colleges coaches.

“Basketball was my first love and passion. My dad played at Iowa, so basically my whole life has just been basketball, basketball basketball. I originally wanted to play basketball in college, and then my junior year things didn’t go as I planned, so recruiting slowed down a lot,” said Moore.

“Then football came around and the recruitment blew up, especially since I came to Clear Creek-Amana, and that’s the route I’ve decided to take, at least for now; just because that I’m seeing more exposure with that.”

There’s been a lot of D2 and JuCo interest (Iowa Western) for football, and UNI coach Mark Farley has come to his school and talked to him.

But despite his success this winter on the hardwood, the basketball interest has remained stagnant.  

“I haven’t heard anything so far for basketball,” said Moore. “My coach has talked to me about it a little bit, but no colleges have come to me yet.”

But when asked if he’s ruled out basketball in college?

“Oh, definitely not,” Moore said.