Recruiting Report: Ciaran Brayboy (2019)


Posted On: 01/16/18 6:00 AM

New Trier 2019 center Ciaran Brayboy ranks among the best centers in the 2019 class in Illinois.  The 6’9” post is extremely physical down low and at times plays like a bull in a china shop.  Finishes in a variety of ways down low with a right handed hook shot along with a high/low finishes.  Plus shot blocking presence.  Mid-major upside here.

Brayboy spoke about his start as a junior.

“I have been playing well.  I am just trying to win.  I don’t care if I score 50 or 0.  I just want to win.  It is not just me scoring I have to assist my teammates and play defense.”

The post says he has seen growth in a couple specific areas.

“I think I have calmed down a lot.  I was sped up in July.  I worked on my free throws.  My defense and my quickness.  I have worked on strength in the weight room this off season.”

What can he bring to a team at the college level?

“Number one energy and hustle.  Other than that I feel I can be a huge threat inside offensively and defensively.  I can kick out of double teams.”

The junior top 10 post updated us on where things stand on the recruiting front.

“Stanford is showing interest in me and I have shown interest in them.  They are a high academic school and that is what I like.  They give scholarships where Ivy League schools give academic assistance so that is a plus. Yale and all the Ivy Leagues.  Notre Dame has shown interest.  I got an offer from Wisconsin-Milwaukee in the offseason.  Wisconsin has talked to me a little.”