Recruiting Report 2018 : Kevin Neal

High School

Posted On: 01/1/18 7:48 PM

Kevin Neal, 6’2″ PG, 2018. Gaithersburg HS Trojans.

Grassroots Team: MOCO Heat /Team Vito

Kevin had a very successful summer in the MD Elite Summer League where he was maned an All Star. Head Gaithersburg Coach Jeff Holda informed me early this summer  that Kevin was a player to watch & a breakout candidate who is a college scholarship prospect. This season Kevin is averaging over 16 ppg & playing at a high level  as Pure  PG & facilitator. This past week I scouted Kevin 2 times at the Walter Hardy Holiday Hoopfest at Paint Branch HS. Gaithersburg entered the tournament with a 6-0 record, but played possibly the top team in MOCO  4A in  Paint Branch. Despite intense defensive pressure,Kevin settled in & played a very solid game scoring 18 points in the Trojans loss. In the consolation round Kevin scored 17 points & he was one of best players in the game & in the   8 team tournament. Kevin displayed a very good handle & facilitation skills. He is very long & can slash to the rim very well & run the fast break or half court. In the preseason I rated Kevin as one the top 30 MOCO Player overall. However, after his 2 performances at Paint Branch & an impressive 16 point performance in a 77-56 win vs  BCC  his  stock has jumped.Kevin has an excellent court presence & he can control the game tempo Coach Holda wants.

This weekend I chatted with Kevin he elaborated on his impressive defense.” My defense is a strong point. I use my length  or wingspan to strip my opponents & I get 4 pus steals per game. However, I pick my spots & I do not want to put us in jeopardy with bad gambles. I watch the player I am guarding tendencies & body movements. Then I use my quickness to beat him to his desired location. My help-side & closeout D  is very good, & I can get blocks. If we play zone I play at he top where I  can cover a lot of ground & cause problems to the opponent  with my perimeter defense.”  This summer & current season Kevin’s timing & anticipation have been very impressive. He rebounds very well, gets the 50/50s & deflections. I am very impressed with his game & while he is already a scholarship player, he has more upside. I will be scouting Kevin & several of his talented teammates this month & remainder of the season

Kevin possesses excellent ball handling skills.His handle is tight & compact & Kevin can knife & scissor his way into the paint to score or dish. Kevin adds.” My go to ball handling moves are the Allen Iverson crossover, hesitation crossover, hesitation & go, behind the black blow by, in & out blow by. I can use my left & right hand equally in the offensive transition , breaking presses, on offensive moves & in the half court.” This past week Kevin displayed his ability to split traps, & break full court pressure very well. He gets into top gear very fast from his stop n go, or from grabbing loose balls & rebounds. Kevin proved he is an excellent facilitator, plays with his head up &  reads the court very well. H possesses an excellent drive & kick out game & is developing a pick n roll with Gaithersburgs 2 heralded  freshmen, 6’1.5″ Jao Ituku & & 6’4.5″ Jordan Hawkins.”

He adds, “On offense I can play on or off the ball, but I consider myself a pass 1st PG. I can score when we need it & if I see an opportunity or open look. I like to attack the rim in transition & I can score thru contact. I can use my athleticism to dunk or hang in the air & using a creative move to score. While airborne I can score on up & unders & change hands. From the mid range I  convert FGs from floaters, & pull ups from nay angle. If I get a back-screen or perform flex cut. I can go up in one motion & score.” Kevin has developed  a nice perimeter jumper & he can score from 3 on or off the dribble. He has a nice jab step & a very solid triple threat game. Every game I have scouted this season Kevin has scored well.Kevin adds, “This summer when I played for Team Vito I was their defensive stopper & facilitator. I did not score at high level, but I am proud I can impact the game without scoring. In college I will translate to a pass 1st PG.”

Kevin considers his mom & dad as his role models. He works on his basketball skills very frequently with his father. At Gaithersburg he perform strength& conditioning, plyos, flexibility & agility. Kevin has a great passion for basketball & works out 6 plus days a week & study’s LeBron James in his downtime. Kevin is very close to a 3.0 GPA & is considering majoring in Fashion Marketing