Posted On: 01/25/18 12:34 PM

Las Vegas high taking on Canyon Springs was a very intriguing matchup. This gave me an opportunity to see two outstanding young guards go head-to-head. 2018 Kevin Legardy of Canyon Springs and 2018 Donovan Joyner of Las Vegas. Last year both of these young men were in the same ship, not too many people had them on their radar.  In this segment we will not do the 5 takeaways. We will entitle this segment: “The 4 PowerPoints” that was the ultimate factor in this game.

 The first half of this contest for the most part was evenly played. Las Vegas high control the tempo of the game. The first quarter was close, with Vegas slowing down the up pace tempo of Canyon Springs. The 2-3 zone gave Las Vegas an opportunity to force Canyon Springs to run offensive sets. As the contest settle down Canyon Springs adjusted and found their Rhythm and started to play their game.
  1. Rebounding, Canyon Springs was relentless on the glass. 4 out of the 5 players were attacking the glass on the defensive end, and getting out in transition. On the offensive end Canyon Springs had multiple putbacks that led to a lead going into halftime. The rebounding margin for the game was: Canyon Springs 51 Las Vegas high 38.
  2. Turnovers, Las Vegas high had a lot of unforced turnovers that led to points for Canyon Springs. The turnovers margin between Canyon Springs and Las Vegas was 15 to 8. Canyon Springs walk away with 20 points off of turnovers.
  3. Free throws, Las Vegas high shot 36% from the free throw line going for 9-25. They were getting to the line but could not convert and that hurt them in the end.
  4. Executing, Canyon Springs executed their game plan. They did not allow Las Vegas to get them out of their rotation. In the second half, Canyon Springs turn up the heat and started to force Las Vegas to play a up-tempo game. This was in their favor. Checkmate Canyon Springs! Final Score: 91-77