Question and Answer: Tahj Chatman (2019)

High School

Posted On: 01/16/18 9:50 AM

Tahj Chatman is a 6-1 point guard/shooting guard for Lincoln High School.  The junior is one of the talented athletes that has Lincoln excited about its present and future in Michigan high school basketball.  Chatman has started the 2017-2018 season strongly and his numbers back it up.

14 ppg 4.5 rpg 3 apg 1 spg

Question:  What one word describes you best?

Tahj Chatman:  One word that describes me best is smart.  Everyone looks at me when they need some help with something that requires thinking.

Question:  What is your favorite NBA team?

Tahj Chatman:  I’m a Laker for life💜💛

Question:  How do you feel about you and your teams performance so far this season?

Tahj Chatman:  I feel like the team is coming along just fine.  We worked really hard in the summer knowing we had a tough schedule this year.  We just have to work on winning those big games.  As far as my individual performance I feel I’ve done fine but I know I need to crank it up a whole lot more.  The schedule only gets tougher from here.

Question:  What do you see yourself doing after basketball?

Tahj Chatman:  After basketball I would like to work as a sports reporter or analyst.

Question:  Who is your favorite NBA player?

Tahj Chatman:  My favorite player in the NBA is CP3.  I’ve watched him since day 1.  I admire the way he plays and his consistency.

Question:  What is your favorite form of social media?

Tahj Chatman:  I’d say I’m on Twitter the most but Snapchat is my favorite. Instagram is becoming less and less popular with me.

Question:  What class do you enjoy most?

Tahj Chatman:  My favorite class is history by far.

Question:  If you could choose one food, what would it be?

Tahj Chatman:  I’d choose apple pie before any food.

Question:  What other things do you enjoy besides basketball?

Tahj Chatman:  Besides basketball I play football, watch Netflix, play Madden 18, and chill with my friends.

Question:  Do you have a hero?  If you do, who is it and why?

Tahj Chatman:  My hero is my dad. He is a great role model.  I get a lot of my good traits from him.  He has always been someone I could lean on and talk to whenever and about whatever.  I owe a lot to him and hope I have the opportunity to repay him one day.