Question and Answer: Amari Frye (2019)

High School

Posted On: 01/15/18 2:09 PM

Lincoln High School is a program to be reckoned with for some time to come. Right now they are led by some very talented players in the class of 2019.  One of those players is 6-3 shooting guard/small forward Amari Frye.  The junior is a spark plug on both sides of the ball for Lincoln.  I recently caught up with him for a Question and Answer session.

Amari Frye 2017-2018 Stats:

19ppg,  6rpg,  2.5apg,  3.75spg, 2bpg

Question:  What one word describes you best?

Amari Frye:  Passionate.

Question:  What is your favorite NBA team?

Amari Frye:  Golden State Warriors.

Question:  How do you feel about you and your teams performance so far this season?

Amari Frye:  I feel like we are starting to come together more as a team and our team performance has been solid so far.

Question:  What do you see yourself doing after basketball?

Amari Frye:  I don’t know exactly but hopefully something that is still linked to basketball.

Question:  Who is your favorite NBA player?

Amari Frye:  Steph Curry.

Question:  What class do you enjoy most?

Amari Frye:  My favorite class is art because it’s very chill.

Question:  If you could choose 1 food, what would it be?

Amari Frye:  Chicken Alfredo.

Question:  What other things do you enjoy besides basketball?

Amari Frye:  Hanging out with my friends.

Question:  Do you have a hero? If you do, who is it and why?

Amari Frye:  My mom because she is so hard working and won’t take no for an answer.