Q&A with Maliq Carr (2020)

High School

Posted On: 01/28/18 9:37 PM

Oak Park sophomore, Maliq Carr is coming back from a nasty ankle injury this week and is planning on taking the OAA by storm. Carr is one of the top dual sport athletes in the state. The 6’5 sophomore holds multiple Division 1 offers for football and is being recruited by multiple Division 1 schools for his play on the hardwood. During the fall, he made impressive plays on the gridiron and consistently showed up to the Horatio Williams Foundation Premier Prospect Workouts for the top underclassmen hoopers in the mitten. There he showed his versatility and strong post play at both ends of the floor. Last year, Carr averaged 17 points, 11.2 rebounds, and 6.7 assists per contest as a freshman at the varsity level. Get to know the 15U Peach Jam champion with our article below.

Question: What are the biggest strengths of your game?

Maliq Carr: I believe the biggest strengths of my game are attacking the basket, rebounding, and bringing an aggressive type of energy.

Question: What do you need to improve on the most to take your game to the next level?

Maliq Carr: To take my game to the next level I need to work on my handles a little more and work on my jump shot.

Question: What sets you apart from your competitors?

Maliq Carr: I don’t pay attention to rankings and all of the hype surrounding a player. He’s going to have to show me why he is ranked and I just have the heart of a lion. Plus my physicality shows every players true colors if they’re soft or tuff.

Question: What game are you most looking forward to in the rest of this season? Why?

Maliq Carr: I’m looking forward to playing my friends from Flint Beecher. This game is for bragging rights and we’ve been waiting on this game since  we met.

Question: Have you been recruited by any colleges yet?

Maliq Carr: Yes, mostly MAC schools and Missouri.

Question: What type of college do you want to attend?

Maliq Carr: I want to attend a college that treats me like family and cares about me as a person not just as an athlete. I also want the college to have a great community.

Question: What is your favorite class in school?

Maliq Carr: My favorite class used to be math, but lately I’ve been getting a little involved in more history thanks to my teacher, Mr. Governale.

Question: What are you planning on majoring in?

Maliq Carr: I really haven’t thought about any major, I’m going to start looking in the summer.

Question:What is a short term goal you have?

Maliq Carr: A short term goal I have is to average a double double again this season.

Question: What is a long term goal you have?

Maliq Carr: A long term goal I have is to become an elite scorer and have a good number of colleges to choose from.

Question: Who do you plan on playing AAU with in the spring and summer?

Maliq Carr: I plan on playing with the best team in the country, The Family.

Question: What is your favorite pre-game song?

Maliq Carr: My favorite pre game song is my team’s song, From the D to the A.

Question: What college or NBA player do you consider your game most similar to? Why?

Maliq Carr: I’ve heard people say I play like Draymond Green and I started watching him more and I think we do play similarly. We both can do a little of everything and we both talk trash a lot.