Recruiting Report: Ryan Miller (2018)

High School

Posted On: 01/4/18 5:00 AM

North Linn is putting together the most dominant season we’ve seen since we started Prep Hoops Iowa in 2014, and senior sharpshooter Ryan Miller is a big reason why.

The 5-foot-10 guard is leading the undefeated Lynx, averaging 25.1 points per game. That has not gone unnoticed by a couple are programs, Mount Mercy and Briar Cliff, both which have offered Miller a scholarship.

When we last spoke with Miller in the spring, he was considering playing baseball in college; but now, he’s pretty sure it’s hoops that he’ll pursue.

“I got it narrowed down to Mount Mercy and Briar Cliff for basketball. I’m probably going to play basketball in college, I just think playing baseball would be too much for playing a college sport, and basketball is more my favorite right now,” said Miller, who gave his impressions of each school.

“I went to Briar Cliff last month, and they play almost identical to how we play in high school, so it’s pretty relatable that way. They’re doing really well right now.”

“Mount Mercy, I went to a couple weeks ago and got to know the coaches and stuff like that. I like what they do there. It’s a little closer to home than Briar Cliff, so I need to figure out if I want to stay close to home or go far away.”

Miller added: “I want to try and make my decision in later January, before postseason comes around.”

Already a lethal shooter from deep, Miller is shooting it better than ever this season, 65 percent from the floor and 49 percent from deep. He’s worked hard the past six months to master his mid-range game.

“Definitely my mid-range jumper is what I’ve been working on most, I’ve worked on that a lot to try and develop that third phase to my game, and that’s really helped me a lot throughout my senior year,” said Miller .”Teams have been really guarding to the 3-point line since we’re shooting it so well as a team, so having that mid-range has been really helpful.”

He mentioned what else he feels he needs to improve before heading into a college career.

“I’m just working on doing the little things every time; like blocking out or closing out hard on a defender. Just the little things that make a big difference in the long-run. Especially when you get down to playing better teams, and in college ball, the little things make a big difference.”

Miller’s Lynx are absolutely obliterating every team they’ve faced this season, winning their nine games by an average 66 points.

It helps having a point guard like Jake Hilmer leading the way. Miller’s junior back-court mate is averaging an incredible 13.3 assists per game.

“Playing with Jake is a lot of fun, we have really good chemistry, especially since we’ve been playing together since first and second grade. We’ve been waiting for this opportunity since we were little,” said Hilmer.

“Our year is going really well. Obviously, we’re blowing some teams out, but that’s a testament to how well we’re playing. But, we’ll have some big tests coming up that we need to be ready for, that will be good.”