Prospect Watch: PJ Rundquist (2019)


Posted On: 01/3/18 5:00 AM

For nearly two-and-a-half seasons now, Wapsie Valley 5-foot-9 point guard PJ Rundquist has been getting buckets on a regular basis with the Warriors, and with him at the helm, the team’s ultimate goal of making a state tournament is never out of the question.

As a sophomore, Rundquist averaged 20.1 points per game, he then went into a 16U season with the Iowa Mavericks’ top squad and worked hard to improve his skill-set.

It was his Warriors’ stinging loss to Gladbrook-Reinbeck that ended the 2016-17 season, that especially motivated Rundquist. 

“I’ve just been working on defense and getting quicker; I’ve been working on moving my feet better. Our last game last year against Gladbrook-Reinbeck I fouled out, and that could have been a completely different outcome had I not,” said Rundquist.

“Ball-handling is a huge one I’ve been working on, too; and I need to continue to work on shooting. Right now at Wapsie, I’m more of a point guard, but I’m a natural shooting guard.”

This season, the skilled guard has continued to see his numbers climb. He’s averaging 25.5 points per game through the team’s first eight.  

“As a junior, I have more leadership on the team. As a team, we’ve been playing good, we lost to Jesup heading into the break, but I think that could be a good loss for us; we can get back together as a team and get our heads back into the game,” said Rundquist.   

“I’ve been happy with how I’ve been playing and the goal is to make state and win it, that should be everyone’s mindset.”

And with a big year of recruitment ahead, Rundquist says he’s not going to concern himself too much with it. He’ll just his game do the talking. 

“I was supposed to go to Augustana (SD) for a camp, Waldorf asked me to come visit, Upper Iowa asked me to come visit,” said Rundquist.

“As for recruitment, I don’t really care about it, it’s going to happen eventually. I just want to focus on my high school career, and as a team I want to go to state.”