Prospect Watch: Keshawn Christian (2020)


Posted On: 01/5/18 5:00 AM

Iowa City High’s 6-foot-2 guard Keshawn Christian was sensational this past summer with the Iowa Barnstormers’ 15U unit, and saw a bump in the 2020 rankings as a result.

Currently, he checks in as the state’s 11th-ranked 2020, Christian talked about what it was specifically that he improved upon this past offseason.

“I got better at the free-throw line and I feel like I’m penetrating and dishing more. I feel like I’m capable of spreading the floor, it’s been a tough few games shooting the ball for me, but I’ve been working on it,” said Christian.

“But, I’m definitely best at attacking the hoop. I’m working on being a better teammate, and then shooting the ball.”

Christian’s Little Hawks went into the Holiday Break with a 2-5 mark, and he says over-confidence may have been an issue, one that he and his mates are working to resolve.

He’s also been working to mold himself into a newfound leadership role.

“It’s been good, we’ve had a lot of games that we thought we were going to win, and we might get a big head and that messes things up,” said Christian. “Last year, I had a pretty big role because we had some guys quit. This year, it’s 20 times bigger, I’m one of the vets on the team.

He added: “Last year when I was a freshman, people didn’t really care what I said. But now I’m a vet and I can talk to people and pick them up, and people will listen to me.”

Christian laid out what his goals are for the remainder of his sophomore season.

“I want to score more and I want to lead our team in blocks, rebounding, steals, all that. And I just want to be a great teammate,” he said.

And right after his sophomore season is complete, he’ll head into what will be a very important 16U season with the Iowa Barnstormers. One that could bring recruitment opportunities.  

“It’s a great opportunity to play with the Barnstormers, and recruitment-wise, I’ve gotten a few emails and I’m just trusting the process as of right now,” said Christian. “I’m not too big into recruitment right now, I just want to play ball, and all that will come later.”