Prospect Spotlight: Trent Whittemore: Fifteen 2nd-quarter points help give ‘Cats a win.

High School

Posted On: 01/12/18 7:00 PM

Gainesville-Buchholz forward Trent Whittemore pays attention to the defense.

It probably makes sense why he can carve through it, so easily.

After the 60-44 win vs. Suwannee on Thursday night, Trent spoke about how he noticed the Bulldogs were playing zone early in the game. Something he and his squad took advantage of.

“That’s kind of what we thrive on as a team,” Whittemore said, thinking of what defensive sets they’re most effective, against.

They shared the ball around and went to work, all game. Whittemore notched three triples in the second quarter, and took advantage of some gaps in the D as he drove to the bucket. He finished the night with fifteen points, all of which were scored in the second.

Whittemore said that in order to take advantage of their six home games left out of 10, total, the team is going to have to put out a lot of good energy, every night. He’s looking for great practices throughout the week.

He called the day before any game “essential” to use the right way so that the team could have the highest chance to be successful. But at the end of the day, the home-crowd helps them be successful, too.

“Having our students there cheering us on and everything, that’ll make a big difference. We’re looking forward to that,” Whittemore said.

Trent is also a great football player who is already looking to play at the next level. He isn’t shy in saying that playing both has done more positive things for his brain and body, than the opposite.

“I think it’s good to play multiple sports,” he said. “It’s good to kind of take your mind to something different, and do it while you’re competing.