Prospect Spotlight: Steve Miller (2018)


Posted On: 01/23/18 2:24 PM

As we go through the high school season, there are always guys who jump out in their final years for a variety of reasons. One of the best that has caught our eyes this year is Indianapolis Pike (IN) forward Steve Miller.

The 6’5 athlete is still a very raw prospect but he has a lot of tools and his ceiling is very high. He showed a little bit of that when we were able to catch him during the Noblesville Holiday Tournament where he was the biggest impact guy on the floor for them. His length and toughness were on display.

What makes him intriguing is his size and length combined with his athleticism. He never tries to do too much, plays within himself and really looks like a guy that can explode, talent-wise, once the skill starts to take hold. He’s more of an undersized interior forward but his length allows him to play taller and he’s really athletic, allowing him to defend multiple spots. Could be a guy, at the right level, that could defend 1 through 5.

Some schools are looking to take a chance on him already as a little bit of a project. Trinity Lutheran and IU-Kokomo have stepped up and offered the 2018 prospect a spot on their roster. It looks like a low risk-high reward opportunity as he has the motor, toughness, and upside to make it worth giving him a shot.

The deal with Miller right now is that he isn’t the player he is remotely going to be in a year or two or three. He’s the kind of guy who should develop quickly and with all the raw tools in his belt, he’s looking forward to a big career in college. It will be interesting to see what other programs decide to take a look as Steve looks to finish up his senior season with Pike.