Prospect Spotlight: Sean Peeters (2020)


Posted On: 01/31/18 5:00 AM

A sophomore big-man that’s burst onto the Iowa high school hoops scene this season is 6-foot-4 power forward Sean Peeters.

The Davenport Assumption prospect is posting big numbers for one of the state’s better 3A teams, and mentioned to PHIA what is it that makes him such a dynamic young player.

“I like to try and think of myself as an athletic forward. I think I’m undersized, but my athleticism makes up for that. I’m good around the basket, and I think I rebound pretty well,” said Peeters.

“I just want to get more comfortable shooting the ball. When I’m out there and I’m open I want to just be comfortable letting it go, and getting the shot up. And ball-handling, too. I’d like to handle it a little bit more, I’m a little timid with it right now.”

Peeters — whose older brother Dylan is also a standout with Assumption — played with the sophomores last year as a freshman. But he dressed with varsity, his coach knew he’d have a big role this season.

“Just being on the bench my freshman year and seeing how fast the game is and see how hard everyone played, I think it really helped me for this year,” said Peeters.

Although his Knights got out to a slow start, 1-5, they’ve revealed themselves to be one of the better teams in 3A since.

“We started out the season, thinking we were going to have some easy wins, but then we realized, after we lost a few games, that we can’t think like that,” Sean Peeters, who’s Knights are now 8-8. 

“So, now, every game we know we have to give it our all, and we want to go into the state tournament with that fire and passion and go in there hot.”

When his sophomore season is complete, he’ll play with Quad City Elite 16U, and could see his hoops recruitment start to take shape.

“This summer, I’m hoping for some exposure at least,” said Peeters. “And if I don’t get some looks this summer, that’s fine, because I still have the whole summer after.”