Prospect Spotlight: Jon Sanders (2019)

High School

Posted On: 01/26/18 10:05 AM

Southfield Christian is a powerhouse basketball program in Michigan.  There is college level talent up and down the lineup.  One of those talents is Jon Sanders.  The 5-11 junior point guard has shown his skills in camps, AAU, and high school ball for years now.  This season, with all the talent surrounding him, he is averaging 10ppg and 5apg.

Jon Sanders is an exceptionally talented point guard.  He has elite level ball handling skills that allow him to excel against pressure defense.  Sanders has a nice jump shot and his mid range jumper is particularly dangerous.  He is known as an elite on ball defender as well.  Sanders has quick feet that allow him to stay in front of the man he’s guarding and to always be one step ahead.  He has been diligently working to improve his ability to score in transition.

Hard work is the key to success in high school basketball, and Jon Sanders is a shining example of that.  “This summer was the hardest I’ve worked in my life.  Thanks to my cousin John who works out with me and pushes me to go as hard as I can,” he said.  Sanders spent his summer getting in prime physical condition and working out in the gym.  His days started at 6AM when he would run hills.  He’d follow that with time in the gym and conditioning on the track.  Sanders would then hit the gym again to work on his game.

Jon Sanders will be a valuable piece to a college basketball team in the future.  He will provide toughness to a coach at the next level.  Sanders’ toughness seems to influence his teammates and helps a program to build a culture.  He’s a steady and smart point guard and those traits will transfer to college basketball.

Jon Sanders has a bright future ahead of him in basketball and beyond sports.  He’s an intelligent kid who is polite and well spoken. “I just want to be able to extend  my basketball career as much as possible and do whatever God has planned for me after that,” Sanders said.  He is influenced greatly by his father who has him pointed in a positive direction.  “He inspires me to be the best I can be in everything I do,” said Sanders.