Prospect Spotlight: Didier Ngambo (2020)

High School

Posted On: 01/20/18 4:47 PM

Sometimes talent flies under the radar for a bit.  Didier Ngambo is a young basketball talent in Michigan that may have flown under the radar so far, but basketball fans and coaches should definitely see him play.  He is a 6-4 small forward/power forward at Kennedy High School.  The sophomore had a strong summer and has continued to perform early in the High school season.

Ngambo is an extremely athletic young man  who is also a track star.  He uses his athleticism and wing span to help him be one of the biggest threats to block a shot in southeastern Michigan.  Ngambo is a dunker who can play above the rim.  He is also a very good on the ball defender which allows him to defend multiple positions.

Didier Ngambo has spent many hours in the gym trying to improve his game,  He’s currently striving to improve his game offensively in order to become a more well rounded player.  In the spring and summer Ngambo played on 15u, 16u, and 17u teams.  This type of dedication and determination has proven typical of Ngambo.

This talented young man has set goals for himself on and off the basketball court.  First of all, he wants and expects to get good grades in school.  Didier Ngambo wants to eventually average 20ppg and 10rpg.  “My long term goal is to go as far as I can with basketball and hopefully (play in the) NBA,” he said.

Didier Ngambo has a lot to offer a college program someday.  He is a star on the defensive end and is only going to get better.  If a coach is looking for an athletic defender who can’t block shots with ease, they should see Ngambo play.  As a 15 year old his game growing and expanding.  Ngambo has a high ceiling and tons of potential.  He’s very hardworking and coachable which will help him continue to improve and reach his goals.  “My greatest motivation to achieve my goals is my parents because they brought me here to the USA for a better life and more opportunities,” said Ngambo.