Prospect Spotlight: Christian Miller-Cardwell: The Gainesville senior is learning how to lead with his game.


Posted On: 01/13/18 3:15 PM

Senior Gainesville forward Christian Miller-Cardwell use to attend P.K. Yonge Research School back in the day.

The memories are fresh. But on Friday night, he put all that behind him.

He led his squad with 15 points en route to a 60-45 home win, but even in victory, he still values the relationships.

“It feels good playing against old teammates, old friends, even with GHS,” C.M.C. said. “We were always grouped together, so having the chance to play against them is great.”

Christian is the ‘Canes best offensive threat. He can stroke the three, even from deep, and power his way to the bucket for easy layups. More noticeably in this game, his ability to work the baseline has improved, greatly.

However, among all the pieces to the game he’s grown, learning one certain aspect has been crucial.

“I had to learn that it wasn’t all about me,” he said. It’s about the team. It’s not always about me scoring. I have to get more people involved.”

While he’s been working on driving-and-dishing, and paying attention to when the double-team is coming, it’s allowed him to become a getter defender and rebounder. In turn, the team has a whole has become more connected, more down for one another.

No matter who starts, or who finishes, it’s a “one team, one dream” mindset.

“We all just have this FEEL, together,” Christian said, speaking of his teammates. “It’s hard work in practice. Off the court, we hang out together, we bond. So on the court, we trust one another.”