Posted On: 01/9/18 4:34 PM

2018 Admiral Farragut forward Christian Curry is a lengthy player at 6’4″, 190 lbs.

The Blue Jackets went 18-4 a year ago with a loss to The First Academy in the Class 4A region semifinal.

Curry says he learned that talent can only take you so far.

“I think we were one of the most talented schools in Florida that nobody knew about. We could’ve gone a lot further if us as players didn’t rely on just talent last year,” he told Prep Hoops Florida. “I was most proud of the fact that we made it that far into the playoffs after not even knowing each other for that long and that we all got so close in that short period of time.”

Curry expects his team to get back to regionals and make a further push beyond.

“We have four of our five leading scorers from last year returning and a big presence down low,” he said. “I’m only expecting a state ring. Nothing else is accepted.”

For the second year in a row, Curry played for the Liberty Dream up in Baltimore, Maryland. He said it was a good summer overall.

No offers have come yet for the senior, but he’s drawn interest from Division III programs in Virginia and Delaware.

He pointed to his defense, shooting and ability to finish inside as his biggest strengths. Curry is currently working on improving his ball handling and shot off the dribble.

There is no slacking off when it comes to this Admiral Farragut program. Curry is one of many senior leaders that is looking to make things happen game in and game out. He’s very skilled and on a group filled with true team-minded players, he fits the bill.

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