Prospect Spotlight: Brady Spence (2019)


Posted On: 01/8/18 3:37 PM

It’s only been since eighth-grade when Alexander power forward Brady Spence started playing basketball. And he’s been improving at a rapid rate ever since.

Before, it was baseball which was Spence’s main sport, but he’s since ditched the diamond, and is all-in for hoops.

“I really was more of a baseball player, and then freshman year, I really noticed that I really liked basketball. And since then, it’s just been a love for their game. I love it so much, I quit baseball, and basketball is all I do now,” said Spence.  

“Since I started playing basketball later in life, I started off as a defensive and effort player. So, I like to focus on defense first, I’m a really good post defender.”

Spence, who continues to exponentially improve, mentioned that his shot-blocking has always been a strength, but he’s trying to expand into more of a stretch-four role on the offensive end.

“I’m really trying to branch out and become a better offensive player. I’m a good post scorer, but I’m trying to branch out and face-up and drive. And my shot’s pretty good, I can shoot the 3 when I need to,” said Spence.

“But most of all, I’m a really good shot-blocker, I’ve always been a good shot blocker.”

So far this season with the Cougars, Spence says he’s averaging six blocks per game; safe to say, he’s a game-changer.

“I just stay in my position, and I stay really aware on the court, I’ve just always been a good shot-blocker,” said Spence.

“I’m definitely working on getting stronger and thicker, that’s definitely my biggest downfall. I just got to work on getting bigger. And then I’ve been working on my ball-handling and being able to create space.”

Although he plays primarily in the post for his Alexander squad, Spence embraces the role to expand his parameters to the perimeter during the offseason.

“On this team, I play center, and I just try and always be an effort player, get rebounds, get blocks. Most of the time, I’m just trying to help get my teammates open. I’m mostly just a big guy on this team, but during AAU season, I kind of expand,” said Spence.

He played with Georgia Bulls last spring and summer, but says he’ll play with Atlanta All-Stars for his 17U campaign. That’s when he’s hoping his recruitment can expand.

“After the Bulls, I had some coaches texting me, like Furman and Gardner-Webb. But nothing really like big,” said Spence, who also mentioned UNC-Greensboro had been in contact with him.

“Every year, I always make a big improvement, just because of the fact that I started so late. And the fact that I was already getting looked at in 2016, when I had only really been playing for two years is kind of crazy.”

He added: “Going into this year, I’m trying to get myself to play as well as I can in the big tournaments. And I’m just doing everything I can to get recruitment.”