Mario McKinney, Vashon

Posted On: 01/14/18 3:00 PM

Vashon High School will be the host for a special Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Showcase event, which will be held on Monday. The Vashon Winter Classic features some state contending teams from three different states. Hazelwood Central is one of the top teams in Missouri Class 5 while Vashon, Confluence and Helias are among the top Class 4 teams in the state. The field is filled with tremendous individual talent up and down the lineup.


Confluence Academy vs. Lee (AL), noon

Hazelwood Central vs. Jeff City Helias, 2 p.m.

Vashon vs. Bloomington (IL), 4 p.m.


Players to Watch


Shaun Williams 6’3″ Hazelwood Central

Cameron Williams 6’4″ Hazelwood Central

Landon Harrison 5’10” Helias

Brandon Frederick 5’10” Confluence Academy

Leon Perry 6’7″ Confluence Academy

Xavier Ball 6’7″ Confluence Academy

Nate Bax 6’6″ Helias

Jermaine Bell 6’4″ Confluence Academy

Telly Wright 5’9″ Hazelwood Central


Mario McKinney 6’1″ Vashon

Chris Payton 6’6″ Bloomington

Ben Cooper 6’2″ Helias

Donyae McCaskill 6’2″ Vashon

Cyrus Alexander 6’4″ Vashon

Nick Brandt 5’10” Helias


Cam’ron Fletcher 6’6″ Vashon

Kobe Clark 6’5″ Vashon

Phillip Russell 5’8″ Vashon

Marcus Anthony 6’0″ Helias


Xavier Sykes 5’8″ Helias