Potter’s House Christian–Jacksonville, FL


Posted On: 01/8/18 11:30 AM

Jimmy Beane

With Potter’s House shorthanded and playing without a key figure in 6-foot-9 Class of 2021 forward Bretner Mutumbo (pictured), the 6-foot-4 Class of 2018 guard had to ramp up his game a few notches during the Charger Classic.

A key attribute of Beane’s game is the elevation on his jumper. He’s got a high-rising release and gets well off the ground before firing.

Beane is crafty in transition and executes with great body control in his finesse moves. Beane is also cognizant of the sheer strength advantage he has on smaller defenders, an aspect he utilizes to his favor quite excessively. While Ohio has been in pursuit of Beane, all signs indicate he will have to go the JUCO route.

Mekhi Noble

The 6-foot-7 forward is long and can finish above the rim, a factor that makes him an adequate supplemental piece to the aforementioned Mutumbo.

Noble was a pivotal piece in the high low game, which was necessary with Mutumbo and Jonathan Izemef out for the Charger Classic.

Julian Surla

A transfer via the Conrad Academy in Orlando, the 15-year-old brings a deft shooting touch and a heady overall game.

After transitioning to the American game since arriving from Sweden, Surla is mastering the learning curve while playing quality minutes off the bench.

Jonathan Izemef

The 6-foot-9 Class of 2021 prospect possesses a level of advanced footwork and an adeptness at finishing around the rim with either hand.

Few freshmen bigs come in with the polish and understanding of the post-up game that Izemef has established.

Bretner Mutumbo

The 6-foot-8 Class of 2021 forward has the type of high flying, bouncy athleticism that high major coaches tend to prioritize.

Mutumbo has the type of at the rim defensive tenacity and strength on the glass that backbones a program.

While he needs to be more of a consistent threat, he’s got the workmanlike toughness to be quite the prized recruit when it is all said and done.