Noblesville Holiday Tournament: Evaluations Part II

High School

Posted On: 01/3/18 12:20 PM

The Holiday season is over and we are spending time doing a bunch of recaps. Our work this week will focus more on evaluations from the events over the holiday season.  Today, we have our breakdown of those players we saw on the final day of the Noblesville Holiday Tournament.  Here are our top guys from the last two games of the day.

Caleb Brown – 6’7 PF 2018 – Broad Ripple (IN)
Brown looked really good in this game. He was really physical down low and was just playing down low more in general. His best offensive skills put him in the mid-range where he is an exceptional shooter. However, his post game should really help him get recruited a little more. He looked more active with his rebounding as well. The ability to play in the post with his mobility and strength, which has improved, makes him a tough task even for bigger forwards.

Hunter White – 6’2 SG 2018 – Indianapolis Pike (IN)
White is a long, lanky guard with a good offensive skill set. He’s playing more of an off-ball role and having to pick and choose his spots a little more at Pike. Was playing well off the bounce, driving and finishing at the rim. Will need to be a little more aggressive on the offensive end, though. If he can keep adding his perimeter jumper in to help balance out his game, would help a ton. Good scoring guard option.

Ditwan Gary – 5’10 PG 2018 – Indianapolis Pike (IN)
Gary is smaller but tough guard with a good perimeter jumper. He was solid in this game as he was really effective when he did look to score but wasn’t overplaying his hand. Good patience on offense and has the ball handling ability to play on the ball at the next level. With Pike’s depth of guards, they have to take on different roles but he is plenty capable of running an offense. Has some defense to him with the body and his ability to get into offensive players. Solid guard prospect for a small school program.

Steve Miller – 6’5 PF 2018 – Indianapolis Pike (IN)
Miller is a long, long athlete with a raw skill set but tons of potential. He was really active in this game, attacking the glass and able to get a lot of rebounds he shouldn’t because of his length and energy. Good motor and while he is a little thin he does play strong. When he adds more strength, he could take 15+ pounds and still be very athletic. Was good on offense as well, being really smart with his play and making plays out of nothing. Showed a solid release on his shot and could end up being a good shooter with some work. Needs time to develop but really interesting prospect.

Caleb Redman – 6’2 SG 2019 – Indianapolis Pike (IN)
Redman is a thin guard with a really good perimeter jumper. He’s added a little bit of strength and is now a bit more active creating with the ball in his hands. The open court style of play allows him a little more freedom and he’s shown some creativeness. Doing a really good job of picking his spots and not trying to play over his head too much.

Chris Robinson – 6’3 SG 2019 – Indianapolis Pike (IN)
Robinson looked really solid in this game as he showed an improved perimeter jumper. He will still have to add more skill and shooting ability but this was a pleasant sight. His ball handling is pretty solid and can create just enough right now. Will have the college-ready body already and if he can expand on the shooting we saw, that would be a great start for him as a bigger wing.

Brandon Vernon – 6’5 SF 2019 – Indianapolis Pike (IN)
Vernon was really good early on as he was able to find jumpers from the wing and a bit in the mid-range. He has a great perimeter jumper but isn’t able right now to create many shots for himself. If he can clean up the frame and get a little more agile, he’s shown in the past that he can drive a bit and put the ball on the floor. Has more skill still in his game to show.

Xavier Hines – 6’3 SG 2019 – Noblesville (IN)
Hines is a big guard with a decent perimeter jumper. He’s a shooting guard who can take it off