Noblesville Holiday Classic: 2019/2020 Evaluations

High School

Posted On: 01/5/18 4:59 PM

The Holiday season is over and we are spending time doing a bunch of recaps. Our work this week will focus more on evaluations from the events over the holiday season.  Today, we have our breakdown of those players we saw on the first day of the Noblesville Holiday Tournament.

Amil-Lion Wilburn – 5’9 PG 2019 – Broad Ripple

Wilburn was really good at the top of the Broad Ripple press. He flew around the court and made life tough for Crown Point all day long. Wilburn is a small but lightning quick lead guard who has a decent court IQ and gets his hands on balls in the passing lane. – 5 points, 5 assists, 3 steals

Sam Snodgrass – 6’5 SF 2019 – Crown Point

Snodgrass was good and bad today. He was good because he played great defensively and crashed the boards hard. Late in the game he really turned it on and made a few big baskets down the stretch. He was bad with his shot selection. Snodgrass shot it 19 times and only made six. He was forcing it all day long and just couldn’t get in a groove. When his shot isn’t falling he will need to learn to take a step back and let his teammates do some work rather than just shooting shot after shot. ­– 13 points (6/19), 7 rebounds

Elias Gerodemos – 6’2 G/F 2019 – Crown Point

Gerodemos ws the best player on the floor for Crown Point. He worked the ball around and when he needed to, he knocked down the shots that he took. He’s a bit of a wildcard though because he doesn’t have the quickness to play the two spot but doesn’t have the height to play the three. He won’t grow much more so the best bet is that he gets a little quicker throughout the year and then is able to possibly be a small school two guard. – 15 points

Xavier Hines – 6’4 SF 2019 – Noblesville

Hines was really aggressive in this one. He stepped outside and shot it a few times and looked for his shot everytime he got the ball. Hines is a big bodied forward who will be able to get his shot off over taller defenders because he has a high release point on his jumper. Did most of his work at the rim today, but can stretch it out if he wants to. – 13 points

Jesse Bingham – 6’6 SF 2019 – Warren Central

Bingham strugged a bit in this one. He was struggling to finish at the rim with the strength and size that Chesterton had on the inside but still ended up with a pretty good game even though his shot wasn’t falling. He pulled in a few rebounds and was strong defensively playing on the inside. Bingham is so long that he will really put a damper on anyone that has the task of trying to create offense against him. – 13 points, 6 rebounds

Jakobie Robinson – 6’5 PF 2019 – Warren Central

Robinson was really good in this one as he really tried to pick his spots to attack and did so very effectively. He crashed the boards hard and got a lot of put backs after missed shots. A nearly flawless game from the post player as he used his length to create mismatches and take advantage of them throughout. – 11 points, 6 rebounds

hmoni Jones – 6’4 SF 2019 – Ind. Pike

Jones was unstoppable for about 10 minutes in the game scoring and rebounding more than anyone. He is a strong forward who can rebound the ball well when he wants to and can score on putbacks. Struggled a bit with foul trouble in the game but still when he was in he really had a big impact. One of the best games I have seen from Jones. – 10 points, 5 rebounds

Chris Robinson – 6’2 SG 2019 – Ind. Pike

Robinson came off the bench and provided some big hustle baskets. Both of his field goals came off of turnovers in transition and he ran the floor really well. You could see in this one that Robinson just struggled to get going in the halfcourt but once he was out running he looked really good dishing the ball off and going to the rim. – 4 points

Jake Wadding – 6’4 SG 2020 – Chesterton

Wadding was really good. He’s a strong guard who can put it on the floor and get to the rim against bigger defenders. He started the game out really fast and looked like he was going to take it over. When he was in the game he showed me that he is explosive and can play above the rim. Finished through contact and length really well. All of his made baskets came in the paint where he was superb. A really solid sophomore – 13 points, 5 rebounds, 3 blocks