Posted On: 01/17/18 9:29 AM

The 3A Rankings took an interesting spin as South Sevier appeared to be nearly untouchable. However, Grand used that opportunity to demonstrate that they are a force to be reckoned with and that South Sevier is in fact fallible.

In addition, Morgan has played extremely well as of late. They have asserted themselves atop of the 3A Rankings and will look to finish there at the conclusion of this season.

Mid-Season Rankings: 3A

1. Morgan

Morgan has competed with the top teams in multiple classifications. Despite some of their most impressive wins, they have not beat a team in the top 5 in 3A. That could potentially change tomorrow as they face a tough Grantsville team at home.

Morgan is led by Cade Russell. His ability to score the basketball makes him the number one guy on opposing team’s scouting reports. In addition to being a solid scorer, his a playmaker who gets others involved in spots where they can be successful.

In addition to Russell, Morgan has key X-Factors Trey MilesTyson Hurd, and Kaleb Calderwood. Calderwood is the only one in that group who is not a consistent shooting threat from deep. However, despite only being 6’4, he is a monster on the glass, and he protects the paint at a high level.

Key Wins: South Summit, Summit Academy, Layton Christian, Skyline, and Emery

Key Players: Cade Russell, Trey Miles, Tyson Hurd, and Kaleb Calderwood

2. South Sevier

South Sevier has dominated the vast majority of their opponents. However, they have not played a very competitive schedule to this point and their recent lose to Grand left some room for doubt.

With that said, they are clearly one of the top teams in 3A and will be in the hunt for the state title. However, their region will amplify things greatly. Which will give us a chance to see how good they really are.

They are led by one of the best backcourts in the state and in 3A with Brodee Tebbs and Caleb Barton. Between these two, they are able to dictate the tempo of the game, limit turnovers, create for others, and score at will.

Beating South Sevier will be no easy task. However, it will be interesting to see how they manage a more difficult schedule down the stretch.

Key Wins: Spanish Fork and Emery

Key Players: Caleb Barton, Brodee Tebbs, Kaetz King, Easton Hunt, and Peydon Woods


3. Grantsville

Grantsville has a couple of really impressive wins and they look ready for their top 5 match-up at Morgan. This should be a dog fight with Morgan slightly favored as they are the #2 seed and playing at home.

However, Brady Arbon will do his best to overcome the odds and show the state that Grantsville is a legitimate state title contender.

Arbon is a double-double nightmare who uses his physical style of play to force his will upon opposing teams. In addition to the toughness that he brings to the table, Grantsville is aided by a couple of other players who are capable of filling it up in various ways.

Kevin Roberts and Ryan Potter are both capable scorers who take pressure off of Arbon and make it tough for opposing teams to double team him. Grantsville has a solid roster and should be really competitive down the stretch.

Key Wins: Cedar, Manti, West, and South Summit 

Key Players: Brady Arbon, Kevin Roberts, and Ryan Potter

4. Manti

We will find out a lot about Manti and South Sevier tonight as they play what should be a region championship deciding game. However, the region just got that much more challenging with Grand demonstrating that they are a real force with their win over South Sevier.

Part of what makes Manti such a tough opponent is their ability to shoot it from deep. Matt NelsonTanner Rasmussen, and Adam Huff all shoot the basketball at a high level and create a nice backcourt/wing combination.

In addition to having shooters, Manti plays with a lot of toughness. Nelson, Rasmussen, and Huff all lead the team in rebounding as well. Manti appears to be the real deal and will have the chance to assert that tonight.

Key Wins: South Summit, Grand, and Emery

Key Players: Matt Nelson, Tanner Rasmussen, and Adam Huff

5. Union

While his scoring numbers do not wow in the same way that Jon Parker’s numbers do, Chase Birchell plays a huge role for this team. In addition to leading the team in assists, he is second to Parker as well.

While Birchell plays a key role for the team, there is no mistaking who the go to player is: Parker. While averaging over 20 points per game, he is dropping nearly 4 assists per game as well.

Parker is a tough guard to stop due to his balanced game that affords him the afford to create at the rim and off of the drive. In addition to Parker, Ty Gillman provides some scoring for the team. The 6’4 post offers a scoring threat inside of the 3.

Key Wins: Delta and Emery

Key Players: Jon Parker, Chase Birchell, and Ty Gillman

Mid-Season Rankings: 6-10

6. Emery

Key Wins: South Summit and Delta

Key Players: Kyson Stilson, Tyler Butler, Cade Brazier, Easton Gordon, and Brax Jensen

7. Grand

Key Wins: South Sevier

Key Players: Masen Ward, Alex Williams, Brayden Schultz, and Cameron Hoopensteadt

8. Delta

Key Wins: South Sevier and Panguitch

Key Players: Derek Smith, Trevor Burton, and Brett Roundy

9. Summit Academy

Key Wins: Union, Spanish Fork, and Springville

Key Players: Isaiah Green, Jay Gilson, and Nick Maness

10A. North Sanpete

Key Wins: Union and Grand

Key Players: Spencer Steadman, Shawn Taylor, Jalen Sorensen

10B. South Summit

Key Wins: Union

Key Players: Ryan Griffin, Justin Worthen, Kael Atkinson